Julian Farino Gets Biblical

Julian Farino has made a name for himself directing shows that might make your church going grandmother sick to her stomach. With dozens of credits to his name for HBO hit shows like “Entourage” and “Sex in the City”, its safe to say Farino has his grasp of today’s 20 or 30 something sub-culture. Farino has gained a reputation for getting his audience to indulge in its secret lust for fame, fortune, and fornication.

Bollywood is Weeping Crocodile Tears

The entertainment segment has a spectacular success during the period of recession when the other business organizations were experiencing sultry weather of economical slowdown. Indian Bollywood is the burning example during last one year.

Tamil Actress Asin Thottumkal

Kollywood actress, Asin Thottumkaal, made her first of many Tamil movies in 2004 with a supporting role in “M. Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi” earning her title as a Tamil actress even though she has made films in various languages. Trisha has made 19 movies to date, with three more in production this year alone, the latest release was in 2009.

A Plot Summary of Austin Powers and the Satirical Similarities With James Bond

This article is about the Austin Powers series of movies and what happens in them. The article connects the keywords to the movies because at the start of the first film Austin Powers have been cryogenically frozen so he does not get older.

Lifesize Standups – Many Reasons For Their Newfound Popularity

Why are lifesize standups so popular? There are actually a lot of answers to that question. For instance if I want to attract attention, a visual display is the way to obtain it.

Four Must-Watch Golf Themed Sports Movies

Sports movies are a dime a dozen, but few achieve the status of being called a “masterpiece”. Most tend to be overtly sentimental with cliche plots and dull characters. However, once in a while, a great sports movie comes along that remains in the public memory for ages. This article is about golf related movies that will stay in your consciousness forever.

Cowells Cowering Confidence Trick

Well Mr Cowell you are right up there with the other bunkum artists promoting one entertainment whilst insisting it is another. The X Factor has ceased to be a singing contest it is now a competition for ratings and the chasing of audience numbers.If you have done a deal with Mr Andrew Lloyd Webber to provide the next star for The London Theatre, I consider this to be a noble and worthy venture but BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR AGENDA.

Kardashian Family

Proving that a family that is successful together stays together, the Kardashian family has marketed their name as a brand that is known all over the world. Whether it is their hit television show, prosperous retail businesses, or celebrity ad campaigns, everyone in the Kardashian family has benefited from the many business ventures that their now famous name has afforded them.

Bounty Hunter – In Pursuit of His Ex-Wife

Starring Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley and Gerard Butler as Milo Boyd, the film Bounty Hunter assures to attract people in UAE. Action, comedy, romance and mystery, this film is comprised of each genre, hence promises to entertain innumerable audiences.

Technofiction Review of Avatar

Avatar is a giant leap forward in visuals and a small step nowhere in story telling. It follows the widely honored entertainment policy of the 2000’s of using impressive new visual delights to tell the same old stories. I find this frustrating as an entertainment consumer.

Lost (Season One) Review

When Lost came on for the first time on air on ABC it was an instant hit with over 100 million viewers over the first few episodes. After spending time watching the DVD for the first time I am now able to explain why it is all the craze.

How HDTV Works and How it Makes TV Better

In television’s early days, all signal was analog. The quality of your picture was determined by how the weather behaved, how good your TV set was, and whether or not your antenna was properly setup. The electronic era has given us better methods of transmission like digital cable and satellite, better receivers on the TVs, and better TVs capable of displaying HDTV resolution, which includes Dolby digital surround sound.