Indie Film Distribution Can Be Good, Bad, and Downright Ugly

Most first time indie filmmakers think about movie distribution last. I was guilty of that on my first feature the urban movie Consignment. My focus was getting the script written and the movie shot.

Hollywood’s Greatest Night at the Oscars 2010

The Oscars in Hollywood brought out all of the stars, the men in their tuxedos and the women in their gorgeous gowns. This was one night where they did not mind getting their photo taken. The best of the best and only the elite were at the Oscars.

How to Make a Television Commercial – The Pre-Production Process

Ever wonder what is takes to make a Hollywood commercial? How about what goes on behind the making of a commercial? Now you can know what goes on and how to make a great commercial. In this article, see the Pre-production process. It”s hard work, but the most important part of film making.

Doing Love Scenes in Hollywood – Want to Know What They Are Like?

You have seen them on Cinemax, HBO, you have seen them in the theaters, and you have seen them on TV… I am talking about love scenes! They can be super steamy and sexy or not well done at all. It depends not only on the director and the actors and actresses but also the lighting, sound, editing, score, etc. to make it a titillating and exciting experience for the audience.

Twilight Lifesize Standups – Who is the Most Popular?

Which life size standup do you prefer? Would it be Edward or Jacob? I can’t decide either! It’s such a tossup these days. Al though everyone knows who Bella’s heart really belongs to; it doesn’t make the decision any easier to a real Twilight fan. With both Jacob and Edward trying to steal Bella’s heart and at the same time stealing your heart, it doesn’t make it any easier when they both have such good looks and sweet charm, but their own unique ways of expressing it.

3D DVD Players to Enhance Your Film Viewing

If you are a big fan of three dimensional films, you are in for a great surprise – 3D DVD players are now available. Now you don’t have to go to IMAX, Dolby 3D, Real D 3D or XpanD 3D theaters to be able to watch a 3D film release – you can do so in the comfort of your own home. 3D systems have been around for more than a century, but it has not been maximized.

The World’s Most Famous Teddy Bears

Teddy bears — they are everyone’s favourite childhood soft toy, with an enviable pedigree traced back to a US president. From literary characters to cartoon characters, teddy bears pervade popular children’s culture. In this article we trace the origins of some of the all-time favourites.

Amitabh Bachchan – The Legend of Indian Cinema

If there is one name of Indian Cinema that is known in every home in India and far and wide across the world it has to be Amitabh Bachchan. He is the most successful superstar of Indian film industry – called Bollywood. Three time national award winner Mr. Bachchan was born on 11 October 1942 to Harivansh Bachchan.

Component Tower For Your Television

These days, TV component towers are useful for accommodating the growing number of electronic devices in our homes, such as stereo systems, video game consoles, and media players. They can also help manage storage media such as music CDs and DVDs.

Housefull – Illusion Or Reality?

So, Sajid Khan has announced his arrival with his latest film Housefull that is scheduled to release in April. His last one was Heyy Babyy which proved to be a blockbuster hit for him even though it was his first tryst as a director. Read More.

Should We Bring Our Own Food Into Movie Theaters?

Is it okay to sneak food into movie theaters? Have movie theaters always sold concessions? If not, when did they start? We’ll try to answer these questions in this article.

Enjoyingly Seasick During Avatar 3D

Seasick you say? Yes, seasick. I went with my girlfriend, and after a 1.5 hour drive through hilariously bad weather (I’m dutch, and we had a rough winter this year because we are absolutely not used to snowstorms) we found out the hard way that watching 3D is not really recommended for people that are easily sickened by motion.