Techie Batleth – Bat’leth – Stuff

Klingon Bat’leth is the most popular traditional weapon wielded by modern Klingon warriors at Star Trek cosplay and conventions. Its iconic shape represents a scimitar or a curved blade sword and is unmistakable to any Star Trek fan.

“Bad Girls Club” Was Really a Sad Girls Club

Anyone with half of a brain who watched this show could see that these girls were a bunch of unsupervised, dangerous, immature females on the road to self-destruction with the last stop being prison or the cemetery. Every one of these females ranted and raved throughout the show about being tough, classy and intelligent yet none of them showed this.

Katie Price – Working Mum in the Jungle

Celeb mother Katie Price is planning a return to the show that launched her career in 2004 as she goes back into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! This is an attempt to improve her image since her very public divorce from husband Peter Andre.

Horror Films For You

Horror movie is one of movie genres among numerous genres of movies today. However not all of viewers like this movie because it is not only scares you, but also makes you not be able to fall asleep. It is known that the persistence of vision creates the illusion of motion in our minds, but with some films, the images persist even longer, lingering in our minds, drifting into our nightmares.

A Personal Response to Capitalism – A Love Story

I viewed Capitalism: A Love Story in a basement movie house in Midtown Manhattan, down at the base of the Trump Towers. As I exited the theater and returned to street level, my surroundings and the message of the movie clashed dramatically.

Pepe Diokno’s “Engkwentro” Goes to Hollywood

After the victory in the 66th Venice Film Festival, the Film Engkwentro is set to invade Hollywood through Shoreline Entertainment as their partner as far as marketing their film outside the Philippines. The film, Engkwentro (square-off), is written, Produced and Directed by Pepe Diokno Himself, the story evolves on two teenage brothers named Richard and Raymond who are members of separate gangs, which happens to be rival gangs, when an impediment in a square-off, having Raymond tasked to kill his brother.

Want to Buy a DVD Player?

Are you thinking about upgrading your existing DVD player or even purchasing your first DVD player? If you are, then there are several things that you should take into consideration before you buy a DVD player.

Gossip Girl Episode 9 – They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?

I could not wait to watch Gossip Girl this week! It is no stranger to hotties, well…exploring each other’s hotness, but “They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?” teases of a menage a trois. In this one Gossip Girl episode, will we watch Gossip Girl faves turn from risky to risque?

Collecting Celebrity Signed Checks

Collecting checks signed by famous people is a fascinating hobby enjoyed by many autograph enthusiasts around the world. Autographs on checks have special appeal because the signature on the face of a check is usually authentic, the autograph is on a document that is easy to store and maintain, and an interesting story about the signer may be associated with the check.

NCIS Character Analysis – Dr Donald Mallard

In the show NCIS, Dr. Mallard, aka Ducky, is the Medical Examiner. He is employed in the business of death, but in communicating with Ducky, you would never be able to tell. Dr. Mallard has a natural humor that he brings to his work, that cheers up all of his fellow teammates. He is also licensed in psychological analysis, another one of his specialties.

Hot Fuzz – A Perfect Society

Besides being one of the best comedies of 2007, Hot Fuzz carries a heavy life message. It talks about the truth of perfection. It also deals with the social beating that one can take, when outperforming everyone else.

NCIS Character Analysis – Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Gibbs. The fearless leader. Never, have I seen a show portray such an accurate description of leadership. Agent Jethro Gibbs is a very intimidating leader; to his agents, and to his suspects. No one wants to mess with Gibbs, and that is no surprise. He is incredibly strong emotionally, and a very loving person to his family. His top qualities are leadership and fearlessness. Gibbs is also very impatient, and easily angered, which don’t serve him well in his relationships.