Batman Begins (2005) – Revisited

Christopher Nolan has achieved what Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher couldn’t in yesteryears with The Caped Crusader, Batman. In 2005, Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale came together to give a new beginning to the biggest and darkest superhero of all times, the Dark Knight, Batman.

You Were Warned – 1970s Movies Told the Future

Movies like Rollerball, Soylent Green and Logans Run were seventies sci fi movies meant to entertain? Or has art become life and life become sci fi?

Is Bloodier Better?

Horror in the 1980’s defined the genre, and modern filmmakers have been twisting and tweaking the basic structure ever since. Horror has gotten faster, more violent and bloodier… but has it gotten better?

TV’s Due For the Digital Switchover

Digital television transition is happening at a fast pace. All regions will be a part of this digital wave. The article presents an overview on the nitty-gritty of digital TV transition and picks a specific case of TV Norwich to assist understanding.

Is Cinema Dead?

After the success of Avatar, the studios are throwing all of their eggs into the 3D basket. Even films that weren’t originally conceptualized in 3D are getting the post treatment – After all, if the studios feel they can squeeze an extra $4 per ticket, it’s a no brainer. But will the trend last?

The Wrong Man Who Fell to Earth – Hitchcock and Roeg

In one corner we have Nicolas Roeg, a man who never met a story he couldn’t twist and distort. In the other corner we have Alfred Hitchcock…the master of suspense.

Important Considerations When Purchasing Mounts For Your Flat Screen TV

A mount is the equipment device that holds a flat screen in a stable position, and these are available in a wide selection of styles and capabilities. Mounting brackets can enable you to hang newer flat screen television sets along the wall, or you can use traditional mounts that enable you to either place your television on an entertainment unit or the floor.

Avatar the Movie – What is Its Message?

Avatar was an incredible fantasy about an amazing reality. I saw the movie Avatar last night. I had heard so many things about it, from many people.

How to Use Satellite TV to Reverse the Boring Trend

If you’ve been sitting on your couch watching TV and couldn’t help feeling bored, you’re probably working on the wrong subscription plan. Right now, satellite TV networks are packing in so much programming that even the pickiest viewers will find something right away. Run down the wish list of everyone in the family and you will find that satellite service will solve just about everything. Here are some ways to use a satellite subscription to end the boring trend once and for all.

How Real is Too Real For Satellite TV Crime Shows?

If you’re a big fan of real life crime shows, the ones that take you inside a police bust like Cops or Dog the Bounty Hunter, you might be thinking to yourself that all that second hand, already edited for content information just isn’t good enough. Instead, you may want to see what’s happening at the scene of the crime right as it goes down. You may even want to be able to go there and check it out for yourself. Luckily, if you life in Baltimore, you can with the help of This website allows you to get free local crime reports and up to the minute maps of crime scene locations in your neighborhood. If you live outside of the greater Baltimore area, sit tight. The company has plans to expand.

High Expectations For Satellite TV Follow-up – The Real L Word

For fans of the Showtime series the L Word, which was cancelled last year after 6 very successful seasons, there just doesn’t seem to be a good substitute out there for the witty writing, enchanting characters, and empowering content the L Word brought to the small screen. Well produced and beautifully shot in Los Angeles, the program was always a good watch as well as a high definition television enhancer. Programming like the L Word, Californication, and Dexter has been one of the top reasons that viewing audiences have switched over to satellite TV during the last decade. However, even the short mini-series of police interviews into the death of Jenny Schecter was not quite enough to satiate true fans of the program.

The Latest Step in Reality Programming on Satellite TV

While channels like HBO and Showtime might have the market cornered when it comes to things like incredible documentaries and exciting original series that feature great writing and even better acting, they haven’t really gotten into the reality TV game. While some shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO might look like reality programming, the fact is that they are scripted and improvised by seasoned professionals.