Movie Shutter Island – Beware! Martin Scorsese Thriller

Shutter Island will keep you mesmerized throughout the film. It is a taunt, twisting thriller that keeps you guessing with the characters. What is going on? Leonardo DiCaprio, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Max von Sydow give gripping performances, filled with menace and intensity.

Lost TV Series – Season 2 Review

The end of season one of Lost left us looking into the interior of the hatch which had been blown open with the use of some explosives which had been found inside a wrecked ship on the island. It turns out that inside the hatch is a research station which has electricity and running water.

“The British Are Coming” – Again

The British industry is on the verge of a comeback, according to big names, like Quentin Tarantino. After the runaway success of films like Slumdog Millionaire, which came home with eight Oscars in 2009, he does have a point.

Julia Roberts Actress – An Example of Source Energy in Action

Julia Roberts is an example of a famous person who rests in source energy. She is a brilliant actress who lights up the screen with the confidence and vibrancy she exudes.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie

Last year, we were all left hanging after watching the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Next year, it will all come to a close and it will surely be an exciting one.

Preview – Road Movie

Abhay Deol and the genre of experimental cinema go hand in hand is a fact well known to audience in India. It is no surprise that this Deol does come from a different school of thought in acting as compared to his uncle, cousins and other traditional actors in the industry.

No More American Visa For Muslims

Because of handful of people the whole community is being punished by United States of America as shown in the film “My name is Khan”. The western nations must have to focus on identifying and destroying those elements which are doing this shameless kind of act rather than punishing the community as whole.

How to Campaign For an Academy Award the Right Way

When it comes to winning an academy award, campaigning plays a very important role. Although these days, Oscar campaigning is associated more or less with mudslinging campaigns, such a practice doesn’t actually help. This is how to not do that and get into trouble as this can lead to disqualification for the Academy Award.

Metamorphosis of The Movie

Films are great entertainment, but what second thought is most prominent in many opinions are the sheer focus and quality of what’s being communicated. I’ll tell you a story. I used to live in a suburb called Wembley Downs which is next to the beach, only just south of Observation City.

My Favorite Science Fiction Movie Series

There are a number of outstanding science movie series which have a fan following of millions throughout the world. However as a series, there is nothing which even comes close to Star Wars, which has enthralled viewers throughout the world and still has a devoted following more than twenty years after the first movie in the series was released.

First Black Academy Award Winner and Past Academy Award Winners

My favorite list of past academy award winners. Check out the other trivia questions like, Who was the first black academy award winner?

My Favorite Twentieth Century Movie Actor

A choice of a favorite actor is inevitably controversial, biased and open to criticism. However this does not deter movie fans from choosing a favorite.