A Rare Sequel That Improves Upon the First: “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

Sequels that are not only as good as their predecessors, but actually exceed them, are such a rare occurrence that movie fans can probably count them on just one hand. Sequels can be a lot of fun, but the initial oomph, chemistry or magic that made the original so good usually is not quite as prevalent in the next installment. One rare exception is “The Godfather: Part II,” which is arguably the most famous of all the sequels that are better than the original. In 2014, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” can officially be added to the same pantheon.

Give The Gift Of Movies

Give the gift of a DVD, you are giving the gift of a peaceful time with family and friends, enjoying cinema in the comfort of their own home. Everyone, young and old, loves to relax in front of the television with a good movie. Give the gift that is perfect for all ages; give the gift of a DVD movie.

Two TV Shows You Must See Before You Die

ARCHER: Archer is an animated television show based on the exploits of a dysfunctional spy agency ISIS. The highly quotable witty banter is impressively written, and is carried out by the brilliant voice acting of an all-star cast. Sterling “Dutchess” Archer, a womanizing spy with a knack for narrowly saving the day after his outlandishly childish and irreverent behavior endangers everyone around him, is the world’s most deadly spy.

Two Movies Worth the Watch

APOCALYPSE NOW: This surreal depiction of the Vietnam conflict, based upon Joseph Conrad’s novella, Heart of Darkness, transcends the idea of what one might typically expect from a war movie. Like most depictions of war in film, Apocalypse Now is centered on a group of protagonists’ struggle for survival against an amoral enemy that can pop out when you least expect it. But this film is centered around a fascinating plot, in which a highly-decorated war hero, Kurtz, develops an understanding of the concept of war so absolute that he descends into madness, and defects into the Vietnamese jungle…

WISH I WAS HERE – A New Film Report

Most grown-ups sense that they’re supposed to live their life as it dawns on them each morning. They’re not supposed to wish they were anywhere else– except right here. And most sense, too, that life can be snatched from them at any moment. Yet how often do they lament that their present life’s far from what they expected– that they were not ever forewarned that things could dominate them so contrarily that they might wish they’d go away. But things never do that. That’s not the way things work. And so perhaps folks need to coax themselves to do what they ought to do: to live in the here and now and be grateful.

Fairy Tale Mania Has US in It’s Grip

Why are grown adults so captivated by fairy tales? We see rewritten tales in the movies and on TV and even in commercials. What’s that all about?

Who Watches the Watchmen! Answer, Me – A Few Times a Year!

I love talking. I love writing. I thoroughly enjoy movies/films/cinema/and the visual arts in general. If you put them together, I can clearly and concisely translate my thoughts/feelings/opinions about movies in an seemingly comprehensive manner. I’m not trying to come off arrogant or cocky but I just wanted to point that out. There are movies that I like for multiple reasons on multiple perspectives and because of many different aspects. Sometimes movies move me soo much that I can talk about them in great length and great detail and I can pick them apart, to disect their elements, and come to a conclusion as to why that is. Currently I have written a 5 page review on Hot Fuzz, a 2 page review on Ikiru and a pretty lengthy Halo 4 review (viewable here)… But I am about to talk about Watchmen… For the review’s sake I’ll mostly be citing the movie because the two are extremely identical and, for the most part, the same narrative. SO if you continue… know this: Sp0iL3rS aRe AHeAD

Hiring a Film Screenwriter

Screenwriters are very unappreciated and not as well known by fans of the movie industry. When we see a movie we typically think about the actors and possibly the director. But, how often do we think about the screenwriter? After all, they are the ones that write the story of the film that you are watching. All of the dialogue and scenes that are in films can be attributed to screenwriters.That is why if you are thinking about making your own film then you need to have a screenplay written first. For starters, you will be better off hiring a screenwriter to write the script for you because they will know how to properly format it to industry standards. It is important to have a screenplay that looks professional because you will need to show it to the potential producers that are going to finance your film. If you have a screenplay that looks like a 6th grader wrote it then you are never going to get any kind of financial backing. Therefore, hiring a screenwriter is the smartest choice you can make when beginning the film making process.

The Various Sub-Genres of Paranormal Horror

Paranormal Movies represent a large fraction of the horror genre. This article is an attempt to break it down into smaller part so as to help you understand what are the various sub-genres that makes it, their codes and their cliches.

16 Bollywood Comedies That Are Best Avoided!

It’s not an easy task to make people laugh, as Bollywood directors have repeatedly found out. There has been no shortage of bad Hindi comedy films in the last few years. We list some of them here.

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Was Psychological More Than Sexual

Some people think ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ was a fitting finale for director Stanley Kubrick. I am one of those people.

“Earth to Echo” Is a Crowdpleaser for Modern Kids and Their Parents

There are plenty of kids and family movies released each year, but lately it seems most of them are animated. The live-action ones generally aren’t in the science-fiction genre, which is really a shame. Movies like “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” expertly blend family-friendly fun with science fiction and fantasy. “Earth to Echo” does the same, while incorporating elements of other famous movies as well.