Hercule Poirot – “The Double Clue” Exposes Hercule’s Facade As the Thief Melts His Heart

Agatha Christie’s Poirot – Vol. 5 contains 3 PBS episodes of Hercule Poirot, the brilliant Belgian detective, solving a theft (The Double Clue) and two murders (The Mystery of the Spanish Chest and The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor). The Double Clue is one of the best episodes ever made.

DirecTV Vs. Dish Network – My Review

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Reassessing ‘Agantuk’ – Satyajit Ray’s Final Statement As an Artist

In the year 1991 Satyajit Ray made Agantuk (The Stranger), his last film before his death in April 1992. Here, Ray made a unique attempt to convey his annoyance about the materialistic quest of modern civilization through his characteristic storytelling style. ‘Agantuk’ has two discern layers. The upper layer of the film deals with the problems of the urban middle class morals. This layer is relatively easy to recognize while viewing the film.

Why Watch The Eleventh Hour TV Show?

The newest hit in television is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. It is called the Eleventh Hour TV show and it truly is awesome in the fullest sense of that word.

How to Become an Actor?

There are many arguments about what acting really is? Some say to be an actor is to act as someone else, others say it’s being yourself on different levels.

Rebecca Mader

Rebecca Mader is a British actress, born in Coldham’a Lane, Cambridge, England. Rebecca started her carrier as model, but then tried herself in a few movies and TV shows. After appearing in such projects as Hitch, American Crime and The Devil Wears Prada, Mader got a role of British anthropologist Charlotte Staples Lewis in popular ABC TV series LOST, which extremely increased her face recognition.

Theater Therapy – Soothing Your Recession Woes

In today’s economic recession, many have lost their jobs, more can’t find work, and unemployment rates are breaking records. While many businesses are as hard-pressed as consumers, one industry could see an increase in business during these rough economic times: movie theaters.

High School Musical Keeps Rocking on Satellite TV

What is this phenomenon that has your kids glued to your flat screen HD TV? If you have young ones around the tweenage phase and perhaps younger, and even if you don’t, you’ve probably heard tell of a little something called High School Musical. You’ve probably wondered what the big deal was.

I Was Longing to Work With Priyadashan – Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan, who just won the Actors Gilde Award for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ together with the other cast and could also celebrate 8 Oscars’s for that movie, came down to London on Friday, 13th February 2009 together with Shah Rukh Khan and Lara Dutta to promote his latest release ‘Billu’ at a press junket held by the distributor Eros International in central London. When the author met him he explained why he is not treading the path’s but is going his own way and what was tricky about playing the ordinary simple guy Billu Bilas Rao Pardesi.

Blu-ray and The Alternatives For Viewing High Definition Movies

Blu-ray launched in mid 2006 with the first films being released on 20 June 2006. Following the demise of HD-DVD Sony had the next generation disk based high definition market to itself. Naturally one would think that Blu-ray was the future of home entertainment but could Sony’s victory in the HD format war turn out to be a failure? We take a look at the potential alternatives.

The Language of Dogs by Sarah Kalnajs

This is a review on the DVD, The Language of Dogs by Sarah Kalnajs. It covers some of the information Sarah covered in the DVD and what they are, how they affect/help your relationship with dogs.

Reign Over Me – Situations Analyzed

Charlie Fineman is lonely, suffering from post-traumatic stress, and an altered/depressed mindset. It is nearly impossible to completely recover from such a tragedy, and Charlie is greatly behind on the recovery process. A mental dilemma causes him to remodel his kitchen every few months. Also, he believes that everyone who interacts with him wants to obtain information about the tragedy. Finally, he is haunted daily by his lost loved ones, but does not mention it to anyone. Charlie is attached to the life that he once had, and seems unable to let go.