No Scrubs – Moving Past Lazy Husbands on Satellite TV

He doesn’t have a job, but he certainly doesn’t mind sitting on the couch all day while his wife works her fingers to the bone. Or he’s constantly out with his buddies, but when his wife is surprised that he missed something important at their child’s school, she’s the nagging bore. He barely works a job and simply goes to it each day to escape from his wife and children, and spends most of his time looking at dirty magazines.

Five Great Break-Up Movies on Satellite TV

Breaking up can be hard to do, but watching films where break-ups turn out to be okay sometimes make the pain a little bit less severe. Whether you’re a lovestruck teenager who is just trying to move on before college but after prom or a full-blown adult who might have to use the word “divorce” instead of the more manageable “break-up,” relationships ending and mending are a huge part of what drives most of the content on silver screens and HDTV sets alike. But not all break-ups have to make you cry and feel bad about yourself.

Classic War Movies Come Into Focus on Satellite TV

While the seemingly endless resources of satellite TV networks like Turner Classic Movies can dominate the scene at times, other film networks have certainly made a name for themselves. HBO and Showtime have figured out the way to combine the latest blockbusters with quality movies from previous decades. One of the indicators is with war films.

Five Fantastic Renowned Celebrities of India

The shining stars of India have been known for its glory and art in the unfolding world of masses. Celebrities are the persons who have set up their dignity and maintained their self esteem and became famous by proving their talent and calibre to the whole world.

Fashion Was the Topic at the Mother and Child Premiere

Hollywood’s Mother And Child premiere took place on April 19 and it drew stars like moths to a flame. As usual, fashion ruled, as attendees were dressed to the nines in sharp tuxedos and beautiful gowns. More and more, fashion seems to overtake the purpose of these events, but no one seems to be complaining.

The TV Land Awards Honor Old Classics and New Favorites

The 2010 TV Land Awards, which were hosted by actor Tim Allen, was an exciting event attended by some of television’s best loved performers. Classic and contemporary stars were all on board, from “Golden Girl” Betty White to the stars of the hot show Glee. Fan Favorite and Future Classic were just a couple of the special awards given out that night.

How to Choose a Corner TV Stand For Your Home

If you think about it, televisions have changed drastically since they first came available on the market to consumers. In fact, the styles and lifestyles of our society has changed a lot too in that same period of time.

The Back-Up Plan Premiere is a Star-Studded Event

The Back-Up Plan premiere caused the Hollywood elite to make the short trip to the Regency Village Theatre on April 21. The film’s star, Jennifer Lopez, was joined by co-stars Alex O’Loughlin and Tom Bosley and actors the likes of Leah Remini and Heidi Klum. Lopez beamed with pride as husband Marc Anthony escorted her on the red carpet.

Crowd Favorites Old and New Turn Out For the Furry Vengeance Premiere

Red carpet events always draw some interesting crowds, and this was definitely true of the Los Angeles Furry Vengeance Premiere. The screening, which took place on April 18th, had some of Hollywood’s most respected veterans and brightest new stars in attendance. Brooke Shields was there with Brendan Fraser and their co-stars Skyler Samuels and Angela Kinsey.

Film Television and Animation Tax Credit Financing – Canadian Solutions

Financing solutions and models continue to be sought after in the Canadian film television and animation tax credit financing area. Additionally other working capital solutions for Canadian productions in this area are also available and generally less known as to their existence and their ability to assist productions of Canadian content.

Sandra Bullock Movies – Fan Pleasing Films

If Sandra Bullock movies could be characterized in one word, it would be “reality.” The actress doesn’t look like a Barbie doll.

Why Plasma 3D TV is Better Than LCD 3D TV

With the advent of 3D technology in television, TV manufacturers have been in a constant race on who’s going to create the best 3D TV. Newer technologies in the TV world such as LCD, plasma, and LED are beginning to undergo immediate innovation and upgrade of specs – the integration of 3D technology.