The End is Near For Analog Television

Television is to be broadcast %100 digitally by February 2009. This change brings the end of analog television that has delivered our shows since television was born.

Oprah Creates a Television Network

Oprah is one of the richest people in entertainment and her reach extends to radio, TV, magazines, and more. She is about to add an exclamation point to the television reach with her new television network done in partnership with the Discovery Channel. The question is, can we get too much of the Queen of TV?

Television Production – Lesson 21 – The Perfect Television Producer

Where is the perfect producer and what are the traits of the perfect producer? By reading this article about the perfect producer, you will learn what is required and what is optional. Are you ready to read the hard, cold facts about the perfect community producer?

It’s All Clean or Is It?

It quacks, waddles, has feathers and hangs out in the water. It might be a duck but it will never be a walrus. Be aware of what you are watching and be aware of what happens in the next ten minutes of that community access television show. Be aware of whom you are and what your standards are. Remember to never compromise your standards or your values just because you need to help on some shows during the year. This article talks about soft pornography and pornography in respect to community access television shows, and volunteering for these shows.

No Tripod? Lesson Twenty-Four – Television Production

I know what you are thinking, “Is she crazy; I need that tripod”! I hear you. But the truth is that you only think that you need the tripod. All you need is practice, confidence and a beautiful, solid monopod. Read on to discover how to succeed in community access television without a tripod. Tripods are great when you must use those ultra-zoom lenses and great when you are on assignment for major dollars, but when you are shooting video for yourself or for the “message”, and you are on the go constantly, you might consider using a fabulous sturdy monopod.

Television Production – Lesson Twenty-Three, Field Shows, Travel and Europe

Traveling through Europe? Yes, it can be expensive. But I can tell you how to travel through Europe, close up, birds-eye view of the best sites, sounds and historical places. Do it from the chair in your living room. Yes, you heard correctly.

Why I Don’t Go To Movies Anymore

This is an article which deals with why people no longer go to movies based on my personal experience and my reflections of watching movies at home on DVD versus the movie experience. I use the movies “No Country for Old Men”, “Michael Clayton” and “Re-Animater” to make my points.

“Gilmore Girls – Season Six” – An Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

On completion of “Gilmore Girls: Season Six,” my heart is beating so fast that I can’t hear myself think. That was one heck of a ride. Through all the emotional bumps of the whole season I don’t think I can stand up straight anymore.

“Vanilla Sky” – A Movie of Many Psychotic Colors

From the moment Tom Cruise steps out into an empty Time Square we know we are in for a psychological ride of the mind. In the movie “Vanilla Sky” we are asked to question everything we know to be true and to take a look into our ourselves. “David,” played by Tom Cruise, is running two parallel lives in which he can not tell which one is real and which one is his unreality.

Advertising and Publicity – Lesson Nineteen

The average consumer does not know the difference between advertising and publicity. The major difference is the amount of exposure that you or your company receives and the other difference is that most times, it is the consumer or customer that controls content in advertising, but in publicity, usually the newspaper or magazine has more control. Try publicity for your company before you opt for paying out big-bucks in advertising. This article gives you a start in trying to decide which option is for you.

The World Does Not Owe You Everything – Television Production – Lesson Eighteen

If you are sitting there thinking that the world owes you a living or that the studio owes you perfect equipment and a marvelous studio just because you are you, you are most likely in for a terrible surprise. Open your eyes and see that the only person that owes you is yourself. You owe it to yourself to always maintain a positive attitude, and to always be respectful to everyone that you meet. Your positive attitude in all of your dealings in television production will bring you to success.

Can Johnny Depp Convince You That He Is “Don Juan DeMarco”? Bank On It

“Don Juan DeMarco” is a neat, compact, engrossing film that not only is fantastic entertainment but also tests your sense of reality. Somehow, sadly, it got lost in its limited exposure and lack of commercial success to be all but forgotten as a great moviemaking effort. I am here to resurrect it and sing the praises of Johnny Depp as Don Juan DeMarco.