The Web Game

said there are giants that fear nothing, that are untouchable and traverse the web eating up information at unprecedented speeds. It’s believed that they control, that they are invincible entities. We know of them, we hear of them everyday, but there is something coming. Something is coming

Why These Classic Horror Movies Should Be Remade Today

Have you ever seen a classic horror movie and said “That movie would be so much better if it were directed by Eli Roth?” If you have ever thought that, this article will compel you to think of some other movies that deserve a remake.

Will The Virginia Tech Shootings Change The Way Hollywood Makes R-Rated Action Movies?

After the Columbine massacre, movie studios were forced to only advertise R-rated movies after 10 pm at night on most TV channels. Will this new massacre prove to be the same catalyst for more censorship?

A Brief Overview Of Rear Projection Technology

Even though Plasma and LCD flat panel televisions are popular for their stylish sets and many number of people opt for these sets, because of high cost they can not be affordable.

Why Reality TV Has Become Such A Favorite Pass Time

Reality TV has become a popular form of entertainment. Now, people all over the world are turning on and tuning in to see the latest hype about their favorite “real” situation and those taking part in it.

Is The Extreme Blood And Gore In Movies Today Scarier Than Older Horror Flix?

If you are going to see “Hostel 2” or the remake of “Halloween” by Rob Zombie, do you want more horror and less gore, or the other way around? This article may change your mind.

How Did “Lost” Lose It’s Way?

One of the best and brightest hopes on network TV, “Lost” has been going down in flames in a creative spiral for the past 6 months. What exactly went wrong and is there any hope for saving the final 2 seasons?

How Online DVD Rental Works

It is pretty expensive to buy all your favourite movies and games. That’s why online DVD rental services are gaining wider recognition offering the benefits of renting DVDs online and allowing enjoying the comfort and delight of entertainment with just a click of the mouse.

The Battle Continues to Wage: Blu-Ray DVD VS. HD DVD- Who Will Win The War?

Have you been wanting to upgrade your dvd player to a high def unit, but don’t know which one to pick? This article will help you decide.

Firefighting as Entertainment

Thanks to television and films, civilians can now travel behind the firelines into a World that is rarely experienced by anyone but the chosen few. It’s this inside, personal look at life in the firehouse, and on the fireground, that makes fire-rescue work such compelling TV. In short, by inviting the viewer to become one of the bravest, the producers have stumbled across the keys to the kingdom of dramatic and reality TV.

Classic Television Is Here To Stay

Classic television is a staple of American Society. Something so influential in the lives of so many cannot be forgotten. This article reminds us all of the impact Classic television shows had on our lives.

Profile Of A Science Fiction Character – The X-Files Fox Mulder

On October 13, 1961 Bill and Teena Mulder had a son whom they named Fox. The young Fox William Mulder was destined to become one of the best and brightest agents ever claimed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As well as the laughing stock of the country’s foremost investigative agency.