Five Family Movies You’ve Never Seen – But Should

Family movies is a fairly vague way of describing the types of films family units will congregate around either at home or at the movie theater. The reason that it may be hard to peg down what exactly entails a family movie is because every family is different. One family’s desire to watch a rollicking, old-school musical may not gel with another family’s need to watch a futuristic look at a dystopian world run by cyborgs.

Breweries Near Me You Can Take The Family To

There are many amazing places to go with your family. It is always fun to go hiking or check out a national park or to find a fun swimming hole to explore. Sometimes though, you simply want to enjoy some great food and sip on a delicious craft beer in a family friendly atmosphere. It may not seem as though there are many places to go, but if you know where to look you can find a spot that fits both criteria. Here are breweries near me you can take the family to.

Five 80s Action Movies That Changed Everything

Ask many who were born in or prior to the 80’s and they will bestow upon you stories of glory regarding popular culture. There were hair metal bands, punk movements, and 80’s dance electronic music pumping through giant boom box stereos. The films that came out during that era were no exception either. Many new special effects were being used for more intense movie scenes that led to some amazing films. Here are five 80’s action movies that changed everything.

Who Is The Super Villain of Spider-Man?

Spider-Man: Homecoming has released this year and it has successfully won back the attention of every Marvel follower since the Amazing Spider-Man in 2013. Turning back to the Spider-Man movie series, you may find that the little Spider guy always faces the villains who have greater power than he does. And who is the most powerful villain of him?

Best Hollywood Movies About Sexual Abuse

In the light of recent stories regarding alleged sexual abuse cases in Hollywood, in which multiple victims have accused some of the most known figures in the movie industry, it’s interesting to remind ourselves how Hollywood itself is dealing with such topics in the movies. These are 5 widely known and acclaimed movies that dealt with different types of sexual violence and, the most important thing, they showed how victims of such crimes acted in order to cope with the consequences of abusing and to bring offenders to justice. THE…

Not What It Seems

It isn’t often that a film is both thought provoking as well as entertaining. That’s however what makes ‘The Foreigner’ a remarkable film, even if the central subject is in fact incidental to the film. Various aspects or themes are highlighted in this film such as terrorism, love, betrayal and manipulation.

Famous Guests Who Have Appeared On Judge Faith

As if seeing my Cincinnati Bearcats ranked in the top ten in nearly every major preseason poll were not enough, my thirst for the start of the college basketball season was exacerbated last week by a daytime TV series totally unrelated to the sport. In the court room during an episode of Judge Mathis sat Tom Izzo, the well-known championship winning basketball coach of the Michigan State Spartans. Since Judge Mathis frequently mentions his upbringing in Detroit, it was not all that surprising that he would be acquainted with Izzo.

This Is Why The Movie Grill Has Revolutionized Date Night

Dinner and a movie is the quintessential American date night. Whether it is your anniversary, birthday, or simply a romantic night with your significant other, going to see a movie can make the perfect date. Going out to dinner and then seeing a movie can pose some issues though. Perhaps your reservation isn’t ready, or things simply take longer than you expect and you find yourself rushing to the movie, or worse yet- late. Now you can enjoy dinner and a movie all together into one experience. This is why the movie grill has revolutionized date night.

Five Secrets To Find Movies Playing Near Me

As the seasons change and fall approaches, the evening routines and outings change as well. Instead of hanging out on the front porch or balcony with friends and some craft beer, people may decide to head out to the nearest theater to catch a flick or a new release airing in a theater near them. Cuddling up and enjoying a great film can be a great way to pass the time during a cold fall night, but which movie will you see and where will you see it? Here are five secrets to find movies playing near me.

Seven Ways To Find New Movie Releases You’ll Love

One of the latest trends in the entertainment business has been the push by the movie industry to get people going to the movies again. There was a time when the public rushed over to their local movie theater to check out the latest crop of new movie releases, but over the years, people started to stay home figuring it was a better experience.

Movies Out Now You Need To See In The Theater

When you sit at home and watch a movie, it can be just the right environment because you have all of the things that make you comfortable within arm’s reach. While there is something to be said about having the comfort at home so close, there is something to be said about watching one of a number of movies out now in a really nice theater.

How To Find Movies Playing Near Me For Family Movie Night

If there is one thing that can be said about our busy lifestyle nowadays is that we’ve strived to create new, and better, ways to spend time with the ones we love. The establishment of family movie night is a tremendous way for families to spend time with each other, though there is one question that has creeped into some minds regarding family night – where can I find movies playing near me that can move family movie night out on the town?