Sean Penn – An Epitome of Great Talent

Many things come to mind when we talk about Sean Penn. He is a great talent and an equally controversial figure. He has been at the centre of many controversies all through out his film career.

Adam Sandler – One of the Good Comedians

Adam Sandler definitely falls in the list of good comedians. He did not gain fame due to his stand comedy acts. He instead gained popularity courtesy the novelty songs and albums that he made containing funny prank calls.

Watch Comedy, Watch Adam Sandler

If you have hit the rock bottom, nothing can help raise your spirits than a good comedy. Comedy is not everyone’s forte. Comedy timing is the gift that God has not endowed many with.

Who Is Sean Penn?

Sean Penn is a talent to reckon with. He has shown his marvelous acting skills time and time again. In terms of his image, he has had a roller coaster ride.

The Creativity Roll of Video Post Production

Video post production or videography, is the art and science of producing quality video recorded shooting of film making, television, commercial and music video projects or events. This includes the creativity, editing and distributing of a finished product.

Oprah Winfrey Is the Highest Earning Hollywood Woman 2010

The Forbes List is out for 2010 and Oprah Winfrey has topped the list for the Highest Earning Women in Hollywood in the year 2010. She beat other contenders like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, and Ellen DeGeneres to secure the top spot.

Streaming TV on Your Cell Phone: 4G Makes It Possible

How long has it been since the first portable televisions appeared on the electronics market? Perhaps you can recall purchasing one of those brick-like black and white TVs for your grandpa to watch football games on nearly 15 years ago. It seemed like a revolutionary development at the time to be able to tune into the tube from a handheld device. Yet, we’ve waited what feels like far too long for the technology to step up to the challenge and bring us quality-streaming television broadcasts for our mobile lifestyles. With 4G networks coupled with advancements in web technology, it finally seems that the wait may be over.

Chase Away Rainy Day Blues With HD Movies

The weather often impacts people’s emotions, feelings, and energy level. Rainy days with overcast skies can make some people feel down in the dumps, especially when there are very few sunny days to break the grey monotony. If you are looking for something to do to chase away the rainy day blues, there is nothing better than grabbing some tasty snacks from the kitchen, getting comfortable on the couch, and watching a movie in stunning high definition.

Jah Rastafari Is Jesus Christ – An Age Old Debate Gets Put on the Screen – A Review of One Love

Whether Jah Rastafari is or is not Jesus Christ is an age old debate in Caribbean and One Love is a movie that highlights the differences between Rastafari and Christianity in a modern day Jamaican Love story. One Love is the story of a very traditional girl played by Cherine Anderson and an aspiring rasta musician played by Kymani Marley. you definitely need to check One Love out if you want take a break from the “badman” Jamaican movies.

Bring Your Video or Film Project to Life With Creative Audio Post Production

Your video or film project is not complete until you record and implement sound. An audio post production studio will bring your video or film production project to life if done in the proper format.

10 Sequels That Were Better Than Their Originals

Lately, it seems everything coming out of Hollywood is either a sequel or a remake. In fact, it’s become the go-to answer for many studios. The problem is most of the time these sequels turn out to be less than stellar movies that are simply made to cash in on a name. Too few and far between do we have truly good sequels that do the original any justice. That’s why, today, we’re going to go over sequels that have actually turned out better than their predecessor.

Couch Session: Talking With ‘Elevator’ Director Stig Svendsen

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with director Stig Svendsen. Stig is a Norwegian director that is making his American debut directing the indie thriller Elevator. Elevator is the story of 9 strangers trapped in an elevator where one of them possesses a bomb. The film is set to be a nerve-racking and thought-provoking film that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. I talked with Stig about his experience making his first American film and the challenges of such a claustrophobic film like Elevator.