“For a Few Dollars More” Establishes Leone As a Master of Creating Emotion

After the unexpected, smashing success of Sergio Leone’s direction in “A Fistful of Dollars” with the newly-found presence of Clint Eastwood as the gunfighter who would become The Man With No Name, Leone ‘s direction in “For a Few Dollars More” was even more successful, artistically and financially. Learn why a film that could not garner a single award in its day has become one of the greatest westerns ever made.

Royalty Free Stock Footage – 8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying

We all know that stock footage is a real time saver for video production. Besides choosing the right video content, one should also consider these 8 important things before purchasing your footage.

What Can You Say About This?

This is an analysis of the recent portrayal of an unwed mother in the Bollywood film, Kya Kehna! (Kundan Shah, 2000, henceforth KK). The title, which is readily translated to the rhetorical, “What can you say?” has additional significance here as a laudatory exclamation directed at the film’s young heroine.

Apocalypto and the Passing of the Mayan Civilization

The film depicts the life of Jaguar Paw a hunter of a local village community and tells the story of the decline of the Mayan Empire through narrating two days of his life. According to the rituals and culture shown the period of the film may be estimated to be in the eighth to…

Cheap LCD TVs – Television Technology Getting Ahead of Time

Old times have different entertainment solutions which have now become defunct and obsolete. When one zooms back to the present day and age, one cannot afford to ignore the tremendous impact of ‘Digital Revolution’ that has redefined everything from communication, to internet or marketing to education and last but not the least, the entertainment models. The whole idea of entertainment has undergone a sea change as a direct consequence of the overwhelming growth in “Digital Technology”.

Actors on Acting – Part 3 – Don’t Get Taken

People may promise that you will meet a casting director from a big city and they charge any where from $500 to $2,000; and promise acting movie parts. But why would they bring in a casting director to cast an unknown actor when they can have their pick of already working actors in the area? There is only one way to break into showbiz and that’s by studying the craft and becoming good at it.

How to Find a Legal Movie Download Site?

Finding a legal site that are free from viruses is really a difficult task. However, I am going to show you some keys that you should look for to assure that you are not getting into a scam program.

Comic Heroes – The Hulk TV Series DVD

In the release of The Incredible Hulk movie on the big screen, we see reminders of the same titled TV series that aired in late 70’s. It is safe to say that these movies, both the Ang Lee 2003 Hulk and Louis Letterier 2008 Hulk, would not have been as successful without the Incredible Hulk TV series paving the way to mainstream adoration for the green goliath. The TV series, much more so than the comic books, took on a Fugitive storyline where Dr David Banner (played by Bill Bixby) ran from town to town in search …

The Academy Awards Recognizes Best Actor in Acting

Everyone knows about the Academy Awards that are given for movies every year. It has become a major deal for celebrities, as well as for the average person. For celebrities, you have it made if you walk the red carpet at the Oscars, and you are truly considered a great actor if you win the award for best actor or best actress.

My Friend, Mr Fred Rogers, Gave Us All That Special Kind of Attention That Lives on Forever

Thousands of kids and adults still feel and remember the impact Mr. Rogers and his Neighborhood made on them; they’ve got lots of personal stories to tell. His sweaters, his rocking chair and his caring love and attention still live on. Fred Rogers was surely the greatest gift two decades of kids got from television.

Cartoon Soccer Shows

There have been so few cartoon soccer shows. They may even be counted using just the fingers. People who clamor about cartoon soccer should start making a buzz about this in order to see more cartoon shows about soccer because there is such great potential in them.

NetFlix Service Brings the Entertainment to Your Door

The NetFlix service and other online movie rentals have revolutionized home entertainment with their high convenience factor. Americans are staying home more, but mail-based DVD rental means nobody has to miss out on a good movie.