The Hollywood Detective Movie

The Hollywood detective film genre has consistently proven itself popular with movie-going audiences. The attraction to this type of character and the stories involving detectives actually began on radio with a number of successful detective series radio programs.

Twilight Series – Who Are the Volturi?

By now nearly everyone has at least heard of the Twilight series. Created as a collection of novels by author Stephanie Meyer, these stories are now being brought to life on the big screen in an epic collection of popular movies. Learn about a group of characters who are not as widely know as Edward and Bella, but none the less have a major role to play in this saga – the Volturi!

Three Idiots – Legally Right, Morally Wrong

The controversy surrounding the movie Three Idiots has finally come to an end without any definite conclusions. Nothing tangible has been achieved by any of the parties involved in the conflict and it is the public who is feeling that they have been cheated once again. It is the general notion among the public now that whenever there is movie release, irrespective of being it a big or small one, it is used as a viable platform for publicity.

Poor Steve Baldwin, Celebrity Big Brother Preacher, is Odds on to Leave House

Christians all over the UK will be rooting for Steve Baldwin to stay in the Big Brother House for a bit longer just so that they can hear his own version of evangelical Christianity. It is a brave thing to go on Celebrity Big Brother and begin preaching straight from the scriptures to youngsters who have no clue what you are talking about. The words “pearls to swine” spring to mind. “Does the Bible say anything about smoking?” Vinnie asked, no doubt wondering about the salvation of his soul. “Nah,” replies Steve. “You can do whatever you like in moderation.” Well summed up, I thought.

What We Know About Survivor Palau Contestant Jennifer Lyon

Find out more about Jennifer Lyon and her amazing courage. Learn how she remained strong in spite of her terminal circumstances.

Ghost Whisperer – Melinda Gordon is Not the Only One in Her Family Who Has This Ability

A famous series namely Ghost Whisperer about supernatural activities is a production of CBS Television. Basically this series focus on the interesting only for herself not for outside world, who got ability to see and feel and able to communicate with ghosts from origins of different kinds like Heaven of which she was the co-owner of antique store but people have not believe and faith in her ability.

Ghost Whisperer – Jennifer Love Hewitt Started As a Child Actor

Jennifer Hewitt, who is very famous and well known American voice actress, film and TV producer, actress, singer and song writer, started her career as a child actress when she came on screen in Kids integrated by Disney TV series and TV commercials of different channels. But the actual reason of her popularity and fame was a series of Fox production named Party of Five in which she acted as Sarah Reeves and then later through the show named Ghost Whisperer.

Old Horror Movies

The genre of horror has long been a staple to theater goers and makers alike. Its ability to terrify, and its portrayal of atrocities unapproved of by middle American society make it the target of scrutiny and praise alike. But the realm of horror has been twisted again and again over the years, into a new beast altogether.

TV DVDs – The Inexpensive Family Night Out!

A complete season of most television favorites will run upwards of $50. Multiplied over several loved ones, the cost of gifts this year could get expensive. However, there are a few things you can do to keep the cost down and fulfill your loved ones’ every wish.

Give the Masses the Power to Know With TV, TV Shows and Projectors

Today’s mass media literally shares any information about almost anything to anyone in the world, and it happens to be a very informative means for everyone. The question is, what about those who cannot afford to own a TV, how can they watch those informative TV shows? Well, the answer is making the mass media be “mass friendly.”

Avatar – Why It’s a Box Office Success

In all the visual splendor of James Cameron’s Avatar, it’s easy to overlook the script. In fact, the Avatar screenplay has come in for the same abuse Cameron’s Titanic script earned. You’ve heard the complaints …

The 5 Most Anticipated New Release Movies in Theaters This Christmas

What do you think about when you think about the holidays? Family? Presents? Food? Well, how about… new release movies! That’s what I think about. I mean, in addition to the aforementioned. You may think that isn’t representing the Christmas spirit, but I disagree. New release movies during Christmas are always of high quality and should, therefore, be anticipated.