Jay Leno Says Goodbye to the Tonight Show

After 17 strong seasons, Jay Leno says goodnight for the last time on his television program “The Tonight Show”. However, don’t cry just yet. Leno has announced that he is going to be doing a prime time comedy show starting this fall! Yes, the 59 year old comedian is moving to the prime time line up. Viewers of the “Tonight Show” were saddened to hear of Jay Leno leaving the show but were immediately overjoyed to hear of his new comedy show this fall.

Myth Vs Reality – Do it Yourself Film Transfer

You have a shoebox full of old movies and tapes that you’d like to transfer to a DVD. And you’ve probably seen those little plastic devices in photography and video magazines – a “do it yourself film transfer.” All you have to do is attach the device to the front of your video camera lens, run your film through a projector and let your camera “capture” the film. Ta-da! You’ll have a do it yourself film transfer. Any problems? Well…

Gordon Ramsay – The F Word

Chef Gordon Ramsay has a very popular TV series which airs on BBC America Called The F Word. The F Word series follows Chef Gordon Ramsay at an experimental restaurant named after the title of the show. F stands for Food in case you’re thinking it’s for one of Gordon Ramsay’s other favorite words.

What Will Attract the Viewers to Come to the Cinema and Watch Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen

There are literally billions of Transformers fans who are eagerly waiting for Transformers: revenge of the fallen to be released. They will not miss it at any cost, and the tickets at all the movie theaters are going to be sold out months in advance.

Jimmy Stewart Films

Jimmy Stewart is an actor that has become an important part of American culture. His filmography spans all genres and throughout his lifetime of work he was honored with many industry awards. Aside from the praise of the industry, he also won the hearts of everyday people who found something special in the actor and the roles he played.

When Pasadena Was “Hollywood” – Early Movie Makers

In 1912 and thereabouts, the young entrepreneurs who were engaged in new “high tech industry” called movie making were happily ensconced in Pasadena, California and New Jersey. The “crazy Irishmen” were eventually shown the door by Pasadena Society. So, in looking around, they found this hill near LA covered in bush and pinion trees, called Hollywood. It had not even yet been touched by a developer. A great place to have some privacy to make movies. Bye, bye Pasadena.

Breaking In – The Reality of Film & TV

The reality is, not all people who work in the film and television industry want to be big stars or Hollywood celebrities. Many really just, want to be working actors or models and they aren’t willing to sacrifice everything for a shot at seeing their name in the Bright Lights of the Big City. This article guides you to that path.

“The Tenth Man” – The Exorcist in the Theatre

Before “The Exorcist” Paddy Chayefsky, the famous Jewish writer, crafted a black comedy about a Jewish synagogue’s search for a “tenth man” to make a quorum to exorcise a “dibbuk” from a suffering woman. Complications arise in the plot, and a young man gets to stage manage this production.

Why I Waited So Long to Watch Sex & the City – The Movie

I suppose I had waited a reasonable amount of time before deciding to watch Sex & The City, The Movie. Because frankly I had heard enough about the movie before it even premiered what with the promos by media & the celebrities… The fashion magazines enthralled with scenes of Carrie Bradshaw wearing the oooh, so gorgeous wedding gown and not to mention those four women in midlife who were once again becoming all the rage in tinseltown. Anyhow, it was the mega publicity for the movie that turned me off of EVER wanting, or feeling the need to watch it.

Who Will Win the Epic Battle in Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen promises to have a lot of action right from the start. This is what Transformers fans are looking for. The fans also want to see their old favourite robots, and the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Pasolini’s African Safari – No Trophies, Just Food For Thought

Pier Paolo Pasolini thought for many years about an African setting of the Greek tragedy trilogy The Oresteia and he finally set out to Africa in 1970, to photograph faces, get cultural ideas, and to scout locations. When he returned to Rome, he put together a documentary, narrated it and showed it to a focus group of African students. Appunti per un’Orestiade Africana, is a synthesis of the original documentary and the focus group comments, as well as footage of a strange jazz session with Gato Barbieri. The resulting clash of cultures is a jumble of fascinating images, breakdowns in communication and very weird music. Truly a unique curiosity and a great addition to the Pasolini oeuvre.

Big Brother Set to Return – Will it Be the Same?

Big Brother 10 is set to hit our screens in June 2009, the show which fist started in 2000 with winner Craig Phillips has survived nearly a decade. The show has had enormous publicity around it every year, but then every year people seem to loose interest in it.