Pride and Glory – Karma and Trust

If Pride and Glory taught me anything, it would be karma, and how everything that goes around comes back around, every time. It also showed why some people will take advantage of other people/authorities who trust them, and use it to do very bad things. Combining both life lessons, Pride and Glory provides an example of why you cannot take advantage of other peoples trust, because you will get your fair share in the end.

Pay it Forward – Character Representations

Pay it Forward is a movie about society, and what each of us can do to improve it. Each character represents many different life lessons, and here are a few of them. Trevor represents giving, Eugene Simonet represents fear, Arlene represents desperation, Chris Chandler (Reporter) represents curiosity, and the stranger named Mr. Thorsen represents kindness.

Mulan – The Brave Female Warrior

Mulan is the name of a fictional character from the Chinese poem “Hua Mulan” and was adapted into a film by Disney in 1998. The story takes place during the Huns’ invasion of China.

New Moon Movie to Make the Cut?

New Moon Movie, the sequel to Twilight, is going to be big, very big. Raking in over 382 millions dollars gross, there are big expectations for the New Moon Movie. Because the going is hot, Summit has planned to have New Moon out by the 20th of November, 2009, exactly 1 year after Twilight’s release. We’re in July now and filming has been completed, however post-production is still in the works.

Seinfeld DVD Set

Being a huge fan of the Seinfeld sitcom I have created this article to introduce you some examples of my favorite episodes from the complete series of the Seinfeld DVD set. Seinfeld Season Seven – ‘The Seven” – The show starts off with Jerry injuring Elaine while at the shop buying Elaine a new bike.

Preserving Your Blu-Ray DVD Collection

With many consumers refreshing their movie collections with Blu-ray versions of titles, it makes sense to review the basics of caring for those collections. Blu-ray DVDs are a bit more sturdy than standard DVDs, but can still malfunction when a few simple steps are not followed.

One of the Most Memorable Films – “The Bad New Bears”

This article is a summary about the movie The Bad News Bears. It talks about the plot of the movie and the fact that it is one of the most memorable movies of all time.

Summary of the Movie “The Hangover”

This article is very short summary of the movie The Hangover, which takes place in Las Vegas. The article also ends with a very brief review of the film.

Basic Video Editing Theory

The most important aspect of video editing is the telling of the story. Everything that moves the story forward, makes it more interesting or enhances it dramatically are tools that every video editor should employ. If you compare the video editing process to a contractor building a house you may begin to see the relationship between the raw video footage and what the video editor brings to that footage.

Video Editing Tips – Framing Your Shot

The first opportunity in video editing to frame your shots correctly is while you are shooting the video footage. Unfortunately for most amateur videographers, framing the shot for video editing is the last thing that they are thinking about when they shoot their videos. Often times just getting a shot, any shot, is the predominant thing that is going on.

Video Editing Techniques For Home Movies

By applying a few simple video editing techniques while editing your home movies you can take them from boring to brilliant. Video editing techniques add the polish to your home movies that will have your friends begging to view your next set of movies.

Snow White – The Fairest of Them All

Snow White is the name of a character in a story with the same title. It was made famous all around the world by the Brothers Grimm. Her story is shared until today to inspire children to become kind and good.