3D Animation TV

Animation can be defined as the rapid displaying of sequence of images of artwork or any model position to create illusion of movement. The phenomenon-persistence of vision causes the optical illusion of motion. This can be created and also demonstrated in a number of ways.


An LCD or the Liquid Crystal Display on the other hand is a kind of electronic display that is thin and flat and uses liquid crystals to modulate light. Thus, it can be said that 3D LCD TV is one which projects 3D cinematic viewing experience using LCD displays.

“Robby” Starring Warren Raum and Ryp Siani

“Robby” is a low-budget Robinson Crusoe like film from 1968. It stars two relatively unknown actors: Warren Raum and Ryp Siani. Raum plays the 10 year old “Robby”, a boy who has been stranded on an island. As he roams the island in search of food and shelter, and hopefully his parents, he comes across a naked native boy whom he names “Friday.”

Are There 3D TV Shows?

3D technology has given the world economy a small boost. With rising popularity and increased technological developments 3D TV is now possible. You can view popular movies at the theater in 3D and now you can view 3D TV shows right from your own home. But this technology doesn’t come without a price.

A Short History of Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the prominent Hollywood actors. He is among the wealthiest and most influential actors of the world. Smith is an established movie star for younger generations known for his charm and charisma starring in one major film in a year.

Learn More About a 3D TV Screen

A picture that you see in a photograph and a picture in real life both give you the same information only one has depth and the other doesn’t. A 3D TV screen gives you this real life experience.

3D TV Glasses For Your 3D TV

Without 3D glasses, surely, people will not be able to enjoy the 3D experience. In fact, without this particular accessory, they cannot see the 3D images that are floating around them. The 3D glasses are responsible for making them see the image that are normally cannot be seen by the naked eye.

“Big Mike” Scores the Save on “American Idol”

On Wednesday night’s “American Idol” results show, it was the end of the line for one of this season’s biggest contestants, Michael Lynche. The lovable teddy-bear braved the stage yet again, literally singing for his life – or save in this case.

What is the Best 3D TV For You?

A 3D TV is a TV which is able to deliver the images and videos in three dimensions. This view is achieved by a technology which shows different images for each eye of the viewer. From different angles the same scene is being viewed by both the eyes, then our brain processes the two information together and shows the images as if they in three dimensions.

Understanding the Disco Revival With Satellite TV

You might be a little confused about what elements of culture from decades past are currently captivating the kids or the hipsters these days, or you might not care at all. But everyone, whether it’s grandparents or people in offices, has had something to say about the emergence of Lady Gaga as a household name, while other artists like Key$ha are cavorting around onstage covered in blacklight-responsive body paint, like extras from an MGMT video shoot.

Getting Extremely Athletic With Satellite TV

For anyone who gets excited about the XGames on ESPN and yearns to catch a channel showing “Endless Summer” at some point, there’s definitely an interest in finding more chances to watch extreme sports on television. And sometimes, even though there’s the one-off special after “Lords of Dogtown” airs, it feels more like no one is interested in anything besides boring old regular sports. After all, with so many different channels devoted to everything from basketball and football to even ice hockey or curling, it seems as though it’s time for a place to see snowboarding, skateboarding, and BMX bike riding on television, too.

The History of the Teen Dramedy on Satellite TV

If there’s any group that has been fairly represented on television, or perhaps overrepresented to the point of getting a bit saturated, it’s definitely the angsty teenager. And you have “Rebel Without a Cause” to thank for the beginning of this trend, but it managed to not hit television so much until the 1980s, and it definitely has exploded since then. While you used to see sitcoms where there were happy families with occasional problems, such as “Leave it to Beaver” and “The Brady Bunch,” the teenagers who hit television sets after rabbit ears were down and satellite TV was on were truly a whiny and troubled bunch for the most part, whether on network or premium television.