Movie Review – Anonymous (2011) (PG-13)

With all due respect to the writing and literature professors I depended on to educate me as I earned both a Bachelors and a Masters in English, I feel I must admit that I haven’t read a word written by William Shakespeare, nor have I seen one of his plays. I’ve heard nothing but good things, though. And looking back on his history, I marvel at the fact the he rose from his very humble roots to become what many consider the greatest writer in the English language.

Movie Review – Puss in Boots (2011) (PG)

If you were to ask me who my favorite character is from the Shrek films, I would have to say Gingy, the Gingerbread Man. Apart from getting a kick out of his hilariously exaggerated voice, I’ve always had a certain fondness for him; he’s so small, and yet he’s capable of doing big things, like defiantly telling Lord Farquaad to eat him and then spitting into his eye. And believe you me, no other character could have delivered the line, “We’re up Chocolate Creek without a Popsicle stick!” But don’t get me wrong, I like Puss in Boots a great deal.

Movie Review – 13 (2011) (R)

There are scenes in 13 that successfully elicit a terrifying visceral thrill. There can be no other reaction to a plot that centers on underground Russian roulette and numerous shots that consist of imprisoned men holding guns to each other’s heads. I’ve never fired or even held a gun in my life, and yet the movies have made me aware of that moment just before the trigger is pulled – that solitary, agonizingly tense moment when time seems to stop and absolutely nothing else in the world exists apart from you and your target. What will happen next? Only one way to find out.

Movie Review: Puss in Boots (2011)

The notorious outlaw Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas), also known as the Gingerhead Man, Chupacabra, the Furry Lover and Frisky Two Times, wasn’t always a legend – he had humble origins at a poor orphanage in San Ricardo. It was there that he was taken in by the kindhearted, motherly Imelda (Constance Marie) and befriended by Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis), a forward-thinking, inventive dreamer with wild ideas of locating magical beans that could raise an enormous beanstalk to transport them to the castle of a giant. Awaiting them would be peril, glory, and a golden goose that lays solid…

The Return Of Mrs Peel

The secrets hidden within the secret world of the James Bond reboot. What is the real identity of 007’s superior officer, the mysterious “M”?

Information About Agencies That Help Explore Talent in You

Many people aspire to become a celebrity. They try to discover their innate talents to the best of their abilities, and bring them out for the world to see. These days, you can find numerous talent services online that help you explore talent, and go on to succeed with it.

Inception Film Review

I was a bit late seeing this film, well over a year late to be honest. So, after seeing the success of this film at the Oscars and hearing great reviews from friends and professional critics alike, I was expecting a masterpiece. But this was not the case. Inception let me down on multiple levels for many reasons which ill outline shortly.

Movie News – The Inbetweeners Set To Hit The Big Screen

Look out world; they’re moving up from our small screens to the largest format of all. That’s right, the openly audacious British TV series The Inbetweeners (Channel 4) is set to hit a cinema near you in mid November. After three highly successful series on UK Television the cast and crew have moved on to the Spanish beach side resort town of Magaluf on the island of Majorca.

Movies – New Releases For 2012 – The Year of the Movie “Superheroes”

From all reports 2012 is set to be the biggest year for blockbuster Hollywood Movie releases in decades. Billed to be the year of the “Comic Superheroes” it would seem that just about every studio is set to release a super hero character to the big screen.

Top 5 TV Crime Dramas Set in Miami

Miami is preferred setting for many TV crime dramas and here is my list of the top five. Competition was tough and see if you agree with my choices. You may be surprised by which TV series I left out…

Movie Review: The Rum Diary (2011)

Autobiographical films are generally only as intriguing as the person they’re based upon. With notoriously rebellious writer Hunter S. Thomson at the heart of The Rum Diary, one would expect an equally wild and reckless romp through Puerto Rican culture.

Movie Review: In Time (2011)

In Time utilizes an interesting concept that also makes it inherently difficult to digest. The idea that time itself is the only currency isn’t the hard part to grasp – it’s the way that people distribute it amongst themselves that raises questions. The film forgoes most explanation, which perhaps helps to blanket the dubious events, but also forces the discerning viewer to pick apart more than they might have done otherwise.