Thought Provoking Questions Brought on by the Movie “A Time to Kill”

In the movie “A Time to Kill” (1996) a young African-American girl is abused, raped, and degraded by two white males and thus her father kills them prior to their hearing. The movie is about the case of the father (John) who is on trial for murder. This event highly encompasses the brutality of racism and the definition of justice. With the KKK reeking havoc to the town because an African-American man is not immediately hung following the murder of two white men, the prevalence of racism is strong.

The 80’s Horror Movie Movement: Freddy Approves This Message

The horror genre is as old as the movie industry itself. Horror movies have evolved significantly over the years from the in-your face scary monsters of the 1920’s to the more cerebral fare of the 1960’s which saw some excellent movies such as Psycho and The Exorcist in the 70’s. This was the time when the horror genre moved mainstream from its largely B grade status.

Universal Celebrates 100 Years by Breaking Records

Universal Studios has recorded its best year ever at the domestic box office, making $1.128 billion so far in 2012. This total surpasses the $1.

I Spit On Your Grave Horror Movie Synopsis

I Spit On Your Grave is a 1978 revenge film that has divided many movie fans, even horror enthusiasts, for its lengthy depictions of gang rape and violence. It follows the story of Jennifer Hills (Camille Keaton), a short story writer who retreats to a cottage by the lake for some quality writing time. Her presence alarms some local men, including Johnny (Eron Tabor), the gas station manager, unemployed acquaintances Stanley (Anthony Nichols) and Andy (Gunter Kleemann), and delivery boy Matthew (Richard Pace), a mentally slow young man.

The Top-Grossing Actors of 2012: A Countdown

Hollywood stars bring in big money in their hit films, and 2012 is no exception to that rule. This year had several major box-office releases that drew people to theaters to spend their money and watch stories begin or conclude. From the conclusion of the “Twilight” series to the end of the “Dark Knight” saga and the beginning of “The Avengers,” star power has come through in gross proceeds.

Some of the Most Compelling Movies Are Made for Television

The conventional wisdom for moviegoers is that if they want to see a compelling film with top-notch actors and a great script, they have to shell out money to go to a movie theater. Before the mid-1960s, this was absolutely true, because a theater was pretty much the only place to see a movie since home video did not exist like it does today. Now, with cable channels and the major networks vying for ratings, made-for-TV movies are a big deal, with some excellent films forgoing movie theaters entirely in favor of television-only airings.

The Exorcist Horror Movie Review – The Best Hell on Earth You’ve Ever Seen

The Exorcist, originally released in 1973, was re-released in 2000, with 11 minutes of extra footage that had been censored in the original release. It also featured a digitally enhanced version of the Oscar winning sound by Chris Newman. The Exorcist begins with Father Merrin (Max Von Sydow) on an archaeological dig in Iraq. A series of unsettling and ominous incidents occur, culminating in the unearthing of a little statue of a demonic figure.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

There are plenty of famous siblings in Hollywood who have worked together on projects. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko. John and Joan Cusack in films like Sixteen Candles, Say Anything, and Grosse Pointe Blank. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in countless horrible, horrible, horrible films. But one of the most successful pair of siblings in Hollywood is actually two brothers who work behind the camera: Ethan and Joel Coen.

ParaNorman Review

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have the undead ever crossed your path? Have you ever held a conversation with the living dead? If you answered yes to the first question, cool. If you answered yes to the second and third question, whoa that’s crazy cool! For most of us this is not a usual scenario, but for a young boy named Norman, this is an average day. ParaNorman is a stop motion animation film put out by Laika, the same company who created Coraline. ParaNorman is an amusing, beyond-this-world journey of a lonely and taunted middle school boy who comes to learn that his unique curse is actually a blessing.

Prometheus Review

I’ll admit it: half of the reason I own Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s latest foray back into the world of science fiction, is because, when the movie hit theaters, an online promotion promised me two free tickets if I pre-ordered the Blu-ray. Despite never getting my two free passes, I kept the pre-order because I had yet to see the movie and so my expectations were sky-high, and I still kept it after seeing the movie because I am lazy.

When Folklore Proves More Believable Than Reality

I am a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries. I read the books and fell in love with the vampire world that has since been re-imagined into a weekly, television drama series.

Movie Review: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

The combination of the drama and romance genres has led to some of the greatest movies of all time, and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” comes close to meeting that expectation. The film delivers emotional impacts at every turn and stands as one of the few examples of a novel turned into a screenplay that maintains the best elements of both media. This is in no small part due to the skill…