Top 10 Family Movies To Watch In 2011

Though the quality of movies is vastly degrading these days, but the year 2011 promises some great family-oriented movies, which can be seen and enjoyed by everyone. Watching movies is an activity that can be best enjoyed with family and friends where everyone can have fun together and build everlasting memories. Here is a list of the top 10 family movies that you can share with your family members and all your loved ones to double the laughter and fun.

Run For The Hills: The World’s Best Feel-Bad Films

Just a list of those films that may make you clench or cry or stun you, some maybe only need one viewing but are essential. This probably won’t endear to those who think I may be a bit of a misery-monger (moi?), but I promise these movies are worth it.

10 Great Christmas Movies to Watch This Season

Christmas time is coming up fast! And, Christmas time is about family and togetherness. We have put together some really cool recommendations for great movies to watch for the Christmas season that the whole family will enjoy. These are all brilliant movies to rent or buy to watch all year long!

Rockin’ And Sockin’ ‘Em In The Aisles – “Real Steel” Is A Real Deal

As I first watched the trailers for this film, I could just imagine a Hollywood pitch meeting taking place in a table at Spagos or The Brown Derby or somesuch local. During a power lunch wherein a small appetizer could cost as much as an average person’s daily salary, someone says in eureka fashion: “How about ‘Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots’ meets ‘Rocky'”? “That’s a brilliant idea,” chimes a producer, “let’s go for it!

Movie Review: The Thing (2011)

When it comes to horror movies, bigger isn’t always better but less is almost always more. In The Thing, we still get a decent helping of thrills, but the changes to the creature, the revealing of its natural state and the expansion of its mythology detract from the overall terror. Seeing more of the alien being has its advantages in the visual department, yet it also removes much of the paranoia.

Red State – Horror Movie Review

Kevin Smith has always been an interesting filmmaker to keep your eye on, his films haven’t always been fantastic yet they’ve always had a sort of charisma that I, as well as many others, have enjoyed. Red State is Smith’s next outing and he’s strayed far away from his common ground. The film follows three teenagers who find themselves as hostages by a family of Christian extremists after being lured in by an invitation for sex.

How to Get an Acting Agent or Manager

Getting an agent or manager is a crucial step in your acting career. Without one, your chances of getting seen by casting agents are minimal. While you can still attend open casting calls, the majority of roles will be closed to you. Find out what steps you can take in order to get an acting agent or manager in Los Angeles, or anywhere really!

How to Get an Acting Audition

Find out what steps you need to take in order to start getting auditions for film, TV, stage, or performing arts. While most actors eventually head to Los Angeles to pursue the big film and TV roles, auditions are held in most major cities for projects of varying size and genre. Understanding “how” to get yourself in the room to audition is key. Here are some steps you can take to get the audition in Los Angeles, or wherever you live.

How a Plasma Purchase or Plasma Rental Can Be a Smart Money Choice

Consumers looking to purchase a new television set in today’s down-turned economy have many options available. Many consumers have been trading downward (downsizing); buying smaller LCD television sets to save money. But a lot of other consumers have realized that trading up to a plasma television is actually a very economical decision; a way to get more screen for less money.

Fred and Ginger, A Partnership Made in Heaven

If you put the best dancer the world has ever seen with one of the world’s best actresses, who is also an amazing dancer, then the sparks are going to fly. And they did! There are still many people out there who think that any film which stars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is bound to be old-fashioned, staid and boring. To them I would say, “Take a look again at some of their films or at some of the clips which have been posted on the internet. I guarantee they’ll make you feel happier, more light-hearted and better able to face your day to day problems – yes, they’re that good!”

The Many Deaths of Dracula

Count Dracula has been resurrected many times in the movies, especially in the Hammer ones. Conversely, he has also been killed off much more than once.

6 Reasons House MD’s Boss (Lisa Cuddy) Needs RFID

If you are like most Americans, you are familiar with House, the witty and sardonic doctor on Fox TV. You are probably also familiar with poor Cuddy, boss of House. She is constantly immersed with House in battles of wit and motivation.