Become a Star Through Casting Call Auditions for Reality TV

Have you ever wanted to audition and become famous? Well then, this is the right article for you to read. Casting call auditions are scheduled nearly every single day for a variety of programs. Most people at some point in their lives, especially when they are young, aspire to be actors or actresses. It is a dream job to many that becomes a reality for very few. Sheer hard work and dedication is what it takes to make it in the filming industry.

All Casting Calls: An In-Depth Look

The success or failure of all casting calls depends on the impression made. The casting agents want to see someone who is confident in himself or herself, yet are simultaneously able to take on an entirely new identity. At a call, you want to represent yourself as such. If you are a canvas on which the layers of your character are to be built, your clothing, shoes and accessories should reflect this.

Extra! Extra! Life As a Movie Extra in New Mexico

Have you ever wanted to be a movie extra in a Hollywood movie production? Did you know that Hollywood has moved to New Mexico? What are the motivations and advantages to becoming a movie extra? Is it for the fame, the fortune, the departure from the everyday life routine, the extended family bond you find among other fellow movie extras, or for the great stories you’ll tell for years to come. Discover what life as a movie extra is like in the state of New Mexico.

Key Places Where “The Hunger Games” Filming Occurred Near Asheville, NC

The new movie, The Hunger Games, was filmed in wilderness areas around Asheville, NC such as Dupont State Recreational Area, near Craggy Mountain, and close to Coleman Boundary road in Barnardsville. This article gives an overview of filming locations.

Best Films of 2010

If you are looking for some great films to watch, then don’t worry as this article on some of the best films of 2010 will have you enjoying a great film in no time. These films come from a variety of genres, so there should be something for everyone.

Movie Review: Bully (2012) (Not Rated)

The documentary Bully opens with footage of David Long of Murray County, Georgia watching home video footage of his son, Tyler. Initially, David claims, Tyler was a bright and vibrant little boy. But as he grew older, something in him changed. He became more and more withdrawn from other kids his age, preferring to be alone. Gradually, David and his wife, Tina, became aware that he was being picked on in school. In all likelihood, they didn’t know the full extent of their son’s physical and emotional torment until after he committed suicide in October of 2009. He was only seventeen years old. “If there is a heaven,” says David, bravely keeping his emotions in check, “I know that Tyler’s there. What keeps me going is the blind faith that I’ll see him again. That, and my wife and my other kids.” The Longs take action, organizing a town-hall meeting to address the ways in which the school system failed to protect their son.

AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Cheers

The American Film Institute celebrated the most heartwarming movies of all time. In this top 10, you’ll find your favorites. Come along for a look back.

Horse Racing Show Is Out of ‘Luck’

A comparison of the horse deaths that lead to the canceling of HBO’s drama Luck with the fatality statistics of horse racing as a whole. Also a commentary on the politics of PETA.

5 Green Movies to Watch on Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here. Celebrate the planet you love and enjoy special time with family or friends by watching one of these green movies.

Observe Decorum at Casting Calls For Movies

When you get casting calls for movies after submitting your profile, you may be scared and nervous as to what to expect. If this is your first movie audition, you may even be discouraged into not going because of all your fears. Well, before you miss out on your shot at stardom, you should know what to expect so you do not go in without a clue.

What’s The Secret Of Movie Casting?

Movie casting is a long and difficult procedure for those involved in the casting. Performers are not hired by the production company; instead, they are hired by the casting company that works for the production company. There are two types of casting directors for every audition, the principal casting director and background casting director. Each has their own specific duties. The principal casting director fills all of the speaking roles, while the background casting director fills the non-speaking roles, also known as the movie extras.

The Trophy Case – Classic LDS Film

The Trophy Case was a film produced by the LDS church through the Brigham Young University films department in the year 1980. The movie is about 26 minutes in length. This film begins with a teenage boy who gets into a lot of trouble with the law while with some friends on night. Although it appears that the boy has it all, the truth is that he does not. The boy is a very popular, very talented athlete who has won many awards at his local high school. His father has dedicated a whole room to the trophies he has acquired. Though the boy still feels that something is missing.