How I Met Your Mother Recap – Episode 6 Season 6

When Marshall and Lily visit their friends Stuart and Claudia, who had a baby recently, they find out that they have not yet named the baby, as they could not agree on any name. After they came to know about this, Marshall and Lily also start discussing baby names, they too soon find out that they cannot agree on a name either.

How I Met Your Mother (Episode 2 Season 6) Recap – Cleaning The House

In this episode, Barney tries to convince the gang to go to the house where he spend his childhood days and help Loretta, his mother move out. He succeeds as the gang agrees to do it. When the gang is packing up the things in the house, they find out that Loretta is extremely protective of Barney as she hides everything from him including the identity of his father for protecting him and even his capability to play basketball.

Heist Fear Factor Recap

Heist fear factor has 4 co-ed pairs who are competing for the keys to a car, which is armored and has $1 Million worth gold in it. The winning team will not only get the money but also a trip to the Universal Studios situated in Orlando. The first stunt was the helicopter and cargo net stunt.

“I Love Lucy” – A Humorous Show

The grand success of this show lies in the casting of the fantastic couple – Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez- as well as the lead characters. It is a wild and strange, but a comical reality started in 1951.

Transamerica, a Gendered Perspective!

A revisited review of the film Transamerica. I have adopted an original angle by drawing from gender theory to critique it.

Have Fun-Filled Moments With The Simpsons

Over the years, innumerable animated television series have come up, but only few have lived up to the expectations of the masses. The Simpsons is an animated television series, which has been in the hearts of the masses for past many years. This television series is a satire, which shows the lifestyle of an average American working- class family.

Full House – Grabbed The Viewer’s Soul

A comedy TV show dramatized and aired on ABC. Bob Saget plays the cast of Danny Tanner, whose wife had met with an accident and died. He was then, unable to care for his three daughters. He therefore, took the help of his pal, Joey, played by Dave Coulier and his wife’s brother Jesse.

Fear Factor – Blind Date Episode Recap

The blind date episode of fear factor was hugely successful. Four single women were given the opportunity to select the man out of the four men introduced, with whom they want to pair up and compete in the show with. The couples will get the chance to win 50,000 dollars.

Famous Comedy Television Shows

When it comes to your favorite television shows, you want them to be full of fun and adventurous. If you love to watch comedy shows, then there are many series running at this time. You can also watch TV show recaps, if you want to understand them properly.

Desperate Housewives Recap – Episode 512

The opening scene of the episode shows a small fight between Edie and Dave. Then Edie asks Dave to leave. The next scene shows Dave walking through the street with some suitcases.

Desperate Housewives – Their Secrets

This week’s broadcast of Desperate Housewives is full of secrets. According to the audience’s perspective, the curious secret in this week’s TV Show is about Paul Young and his weird wife, Beth. The most peculiar thing they do is that, they buy a house, but not live in it.

Television Series: Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is a famous reality TV show. In this TV Show, there is fierce competition among the competitors, as it is clear from the recaps. This TV series, at present, is in the finals. This recap comprises only deliverance rounds. The pair, Erin Andrews and Maksim Chermkovksiy performs first.