Green Lantern Costumes Bring Green Goodness

Actor Ryan Reynolds appeared at Comic-con 2010 in late July to generate buzz about the upcoming Warner Bros. superhero flick, “Green Lantern” expected in 2011. Armed with the proverbial power ring, the beau-hunk actor was on hand during the studio’s presentation of the film and charmingly answered fan questions. Reports even say that he recited the Green Lantern’s legendary oath for a young boy in the audience – “In brightest day and darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight.”

Catching Up With Classic Documentaries on Satellite TV

There are plenty of movie options for those who want to relax on the couch. Choosing from the latest blockbuster to go up on Pay-Per-View or a favorite rom-com can sometimes be a fulfilling experience, but occasionally, there’s a need for some entertainment that might help the brain grow, too. And there are plenty of benefits for looking beyond the typical black-and-white films to impress dates and peers alike. After all, the world of documentaries, which is perpetually growing and expanding on satellite TV, offers the opportunity to learn something while also projecting the impression that you are both cultured and classy.

Comic Con 2010 Report

On July 21 through 24, geeks from every corner of the planet turned off their game consoles and made the pilgrimage to San Diego for Comic-Con 2010. Host to more than 150,000 fans, this event is an alternate universe created to honor movies, manga, anime, video games, music and, of course, the media that started it all – comic books.

Top 5 Most Popular Movie Outfits For Fancy Dress Parties

Why go in a plain old offensive t shirt when you can go as one of these easy to assemble movie outfits? Ever wanted a quick and easy Freddy Kruger outfit?

La Cage Aux Folles Costumes – A Drag (In a Fun Way)

“It’s rather gaudy, but it’s also rather grand” – that’s how La Cage Aux Folles is being described, which isn’t hard to believe. This musical review, based on the book by Harvey Fierstein, is back on Broadway and is a confirmed smash-hit.

Some Reasons Why Spiderman is Different

Spiderman, different? Doesn’t everyone dress like an insect and battle criminals? Obviously not, but the real question is how and why is Spiderman different from other superheroes? Other than the obvious, he is the only superhero to resemble and act like a spider, here are some major reasons.

Lesson Plans on Film Making – Following These Ideas Can Quickly Get Your Students Interested

There is no medium more ideal for storytelling than film. In a classroom setting, lesson plans on film making can be an excellent teaching tool to promote and support literacy attainment in elementary schools. Lessons can be as simple or as detailed as teachers want, and can be easily adapted to suit interests, thematic content and student abilities.

Twilight, Eclipse & All That Jazz!

THE FIRST shot of the Eclipse movie is overwhelming. It is dark, violent and perfectly blending with Howard Shore’s score. But just after that, the graph falls down, and near the end, your thoughts for the film are as same as other two Twilight films – Bland and boring.

Is Selena Gomez Finally a Movie Star?

Selena Gomez is only 18-years-old, but the Disney star is now called one of the best “all-around” entertainers on the teen scene. Can the Wizards of Waverly Place star break into Hollywood?

My Top Five Favorite Movies Starring Edward Norton

When discussing actors based on talent and versatility, one person who I always think is at the top of the list is Edward Norton. Ever since his breakout role in Primal Fear, Edward Norton has been considered one of the more talented actors in Hollywood. This article will cite some of my favorite roles Edward Norton has played in recent years.

Real Life – She Didn’t Get the Job, But Audition Changed Her Life

When Oprah announced that her TV network, OWN, would give someone the chance to host a new talk show, I decided to give it a shot. I love to give career advice and to help people work.

Push Wiki – Want to Have Special Powers Or Feel Super Human?

The Push wiki includes a summary of the plot of the film. This features spoilers so if you have not already watched the film then you might want to stay away from this area of the wiki content.