Classic Sitcom Characters Who Spend An Episode As Either An Umpire Or Referee

It is not only the baseball players who are packing up to head to either Florida or Arizona for Spring Training, but another group of men crucial to the game. They will not have quite as much gear to pack as the teams do, probably a few black pairs of pants, some dark shirts, a mask, shin guards, and a chest protector. Some fans, in addition to many players and managers, might suggest at various points that these guys should have brought some glasses along as well.

Top 5 Most Popular Martial Arts Actors Born in the UK Or USA

Whenever there is action, that means that there are not only car chases, explosions, shootings and guns but also fists, punches and roundkicks. Many of the martial arts actors in the Funny Action Movie genre master a huge collection of deadly techniques, which they use in close combat scenes. In fact, most of these martial arts actors used to compete in official tournaments at the very dawn of their acting careers and then they used the fame gained to establish themselves in the cinema industry.

The Pros And Cons Of Streaming TV Shows And Movies Online

Although online streaming offers various perks to a TV and movie buff, there are still some disadvantages to this service as well. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of streaming TV shows and movies online.

The Blue Max

While some films merely entertain, others include historical features. Realism enhances the viewing experience because it invigorates viewers who fantasize they they are the star. When the story is true, someone was a real hero.

The Division of Power in Hotel Rwanda

If you’ve ever thought that racism could be cured, “If only.” Then this article is for you. “The Division of Power in Hotel Rwanda” provides readers with a reminder of how easily division can be created and perpetuated by taking a closer look at the briefly alluded to yet central cause of division within the story of Terry George’s film, Hotel Rwanda (2004) starring Don Cheadle.

Top 10 Highest Paid Actors Of 2016

Want to feel jealous and inadequate? Compare your salary to the highest paid actors of 2016. Who tops the list? Matt Damon? Tom Cruise? Robert Downey Jr.?

Emily Booth of The Horror Channel

Emily Booth is more popularly known as the glamorous, dark-haired TV presenter of The Horror Channel. Emily was born in Chester, England in 1976 but grew up in Hastings, East Sussex. Her paternal great grandfather built one of the first cinemas in the UK in Cornwall.

Negative Impacts of Western Telenovela on the Moral Development of The African Youth

With the advancement in technology, the mass media has soared up greatly in its programs. The television industry in Africa is now featuring numerous programs and airing series of films. Some of these films are very educative, offering the youth with requisite skills and knowledge to face the present and projected future challenges of life. However, other western-oriented films, such as the ever-ascending telenovela shows are negatively impacting on the moral development of the youth in Africa and as such must be monitored or banned entirely.

Carrie Fisher Remembered

Carrie Fisher’s death in December 2016, at the age of just 60, came as a great shock to all movie fans, particularly to those who loved the movie for which she was most famous, Star Wars, in which she played Princess Leia. Carrie Fisher was born in Beverley Hills, California, on 21st October 1956. She was the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds.

5 Great Horror Anthology Movies

Looking for some good horror anthology movies other than the Amicus ones? Well, here are five you might like to check out: Dead of Night (1945) – This black-and-white masterpiece was the first real horror portmanteau movie. Martin Scorsese once described it as “the granddaddy of all horror anthology films.

Impact of American Movies On Our Lives

Providing thorough entertainment, movies are a source of indulging us in an imaginary world. At times, the movies are so enticing that we start believing in being a part of that movie. With work load and stress, life can get worked up, watching a good movie will help a person relax his mind by releasing emotional stress.

Popular TV Characters Who Always Wear Bow Ties

Aways a late shopper for Christmas gifts, I was not surprised to find myself at the various retail stores in the mall in late December. I was more than a little taken aback, however, when one of those shops already had its spring fashions on display. Among the attire labeled for the season, still three months away, was a rack of bow ties.