Thoughts on the Ghost Writer

Last Wednesday, I drove over to the Landmark Theaters Landmark for an 8:50pm showing of the new Roman Polanski film. His work always have a dark undertone…and The Ghost Writeris no exception.

Death Note

The series focuses on Light Yagami; a 17-year old intelligence student, bored with his life and disgusted at the state of the world around him. One day his eyes fall over a notebook laying on the ground outside of his school. Reading the English cover, “Death Note,” and noticing that the writing inside is also in English, Light decides to take it home to read it.

The Die Hard Twins

One Sunday in late December, I walked over to the historic Grauman’s Egyptian Theater in Hollywood to catch a 7:30 pm double feature of two classic action films…Die Hard (1988) and Die Hard 2 (1990). Once the movies began, it was so much fun.

The Twilight Saga – Eclipse – A Review of the First Trailer

The first trailer for the third Twilight movie is here! So how does our first real glimpse at The Twilight Saga: Eclipse look?

Do You Need a 3D DVD Player to Enjoy the Full Cinematic Effects of a 3D Movie?

If you are into cinematic-enhanced movies, you might be wondering if you will need a 3D DVD player to enjoy a 3D movie. Since most of the movies now are turning 3D, movie-goers are encouraged to watch them in the theaters!

New TV – “Dancing With The Stars” For Weight Loss

Here’s more proof that imitation is still the highest form of flattery. And in the television industry, imitating someone else’s hit show that’s generating ratings and advertising revenues also happens to be one of today’s keys to survival of the fittest. So, NBC’s Biggest Loser, meet ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

The Wizard of Oz – Will the 2011 Remake Have Box Office Success?

Will the new Wizard of Oz release, planned for 2011, have similar success with the widely popular production from 1939? How will the new movie do in the box office?

Great Movies With Animal Sidekicks

When the lead character in a movie has a pet; we feel instantly drawn to them as we perceive them as animal lovers, so they can’t be all bad. Some film makers spend weeks deliberating which animal to use in their movie. But the success of “Lemony Snicket’s unfortunate Series of Events” shows that a mismatch of dogs, cats, snakes and fish also works well.

Blu-Ray Conquers HD DVD in War of Standards

The high-definition format war pitting the Blu-ray Disc against the HD DVD standard ended in February of 2008 when Toshiba announced that it would stop promoting HD DVD players and produce Blu-ray players instead. Blu-ray was obviously the gold standard.

“Lord of the Flies” 1963

I was first introduced to the story “Lord of the Flies” as a college student. While casually chatting with a classmate in the library, we began discussing the different books that we had read. “Lord of the Flies” had been a required reading project for him as a high school student.

The Spy Next Door Review

When it comes to the martial art genre of film, we all expect great dynamic action sequences that has the classic good vs. evil theme. When it comes to the spy genre, we expect the classic use of mystery, high tech gadgets, dynamic action sequences and the classic good vs. evil theme as the hero fights to save the world from whatever the villain wishes to accomplish, no matter how outlandish some evil plots can be.

The Advantage of 3D DVD Movies Over Ordinary 2D DVD Movies

Are 3D DVD movies better than other DVD movies? Of course, they are. That is if you make use of a 3D compatible television and DVD player.