The Italian Touch on Satellite TV

With the so-called high definition revolution and the advent of satellite TV a few years back, the television medium found itself improved drastically after years of stagnation and declining interest. With the improved picture quality available on almost every network, the effects are easily seen. Sporting events at home become virtual courtside affairs. Films have that movie theater-feel to them. These benefits are undeniable. But one of the underrated achievements of satellite TV is its sheer variety of programming and its reach across the world. If you have Italian ancestry or like many people just an interest in Italian culture…

30 Rock Rocks the House

Different types of shows try to do different types of things to become popular among the general TV-watching audience. For example, Law & Order tried to bring the drama behind detective and police work to life by romanticizing different cases as well as creating compelling situations for the audience and people at home to follow throughout the entire season. When it comes to Iron Chef, a cooking game show shown on the Food Network, the goal is to keep the audience interested in both the different dishes being prepared as well as with the concept of food and cooking in general. With a show like Planet Earth, the goal was to bring to life the beauty and awe of everything our planet has to offer – guided immensely when watched on a high definition set. Successfully accomplishing these broad but program-specific goals are what allow these shows to remain on TV and thrive in the terribly over-competitive and cutthroat television industry.

Where to Find the Twilight – New Moon Movie Poster For Sale

For those unfamiliar, “New Moon” is the second book in the popular 4 book series by acclaimed author Stephenie Meyer. Known as part of the Twilight Saga, the first book became a movie last November in 2008. Fast forward to May 19th, 2009, and the poster for “New Moon” has been unveiled.

Video Production – Its Three Basic Stages

If you are considering producing or creating a video then you should become familiar with the three basic stages of video production. It’s the way that most all films and videos are created. It involves the planning, production and post production stages of creating any type of movie or instructional video.

A Few Tips For Doing Your Own Video Production

Over the course of the past few years, new inexpensive video technologies have allowed more people then ever before to try their hand at video production. People all over the planet are creating their own story lines and recording them for others to see and of course some projects turn out better than others.

“State of Play” is a Fun, Intricate Thriller

I always have a hard time remembering the name of this one. It’s a little bit generic-sounding, but the movie is not. Just be sure to bring along your brain for it.

“Knowing” the Future Holds Some Surprises

We’ve seen Nicolas Cage decipher codes before, a la “National Treasure.” If there’s one thing the Academy Award-winning actor is good at, it’s bringing an audience inside his mind and letting us see how it works. In the sci-fi thriller “Knowing”, Cage plays the role of John Koestler, an astrophysics professor at MIT, who we quickly learn is a grieving widower, conscientiously raising his son Caleb by day and drinking away his sorrows by night.

The Make Up Brushes of Beatrice De Havilland

The tragic tale of Beatrice de Havilland and her gold plated make up brushes. In the late thirties, just before the storm clouds of World War Two began to brew, Britain was at peace and no Saturday night was complete without a trip to the local cinema. One of the nation’s favourite actresses went by the name of Beatrice de Havilland, who was famed for her gold plated make up brushes. De Havilland’s make up artist was called Alice Waters back in those glory days, and she had a terrible secret to tell…

Movies For Kids – Lots of Cool Fun For Summer 2009

Another hot summer of cool movies that kids will love is upon us. Here is a list of the best bets, based on early info.

“Taking Chance” – High Honors For USMC, Kevin Bacon and HBO

Just in time for Memorial Day 2009 the HBO movie ‘Taking Chance’ has been released to home video stores and outlets. This remarkable film is a triumph for HBO and its leading actor Kevin Bacon who plays the role of Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl of the United States Marine Corp.

Deciphering the Closed Captioning Process

Closed captioning refers to the written dialogue of a film or show that displays on screen-directly corresponding with what is being said. Its main purpose is to allow people with hearing disabilities to follow the dialogue. With that said, it is also commonly used in loud public places such as gyms and bars.

Dog the Bounty Hunter – Our New Fiction

An exhausted populace has little appetite for a book and we are an exhausted populace. As E.M Forester observed long ago–art is for a man with a full belly.