Eric Bana: From Comedian to Dramatic Star

Though he’s only been exposed to American audiences a short time, Eric Bana is no newcomer to the entertainment industry. His star had been on the rise for quite some time in his native land of Australia before he made his debut in front of US audiences in the 2001 action film “Black Hawk Down.” With his success in American films, Bana has become an even bigger name, leading many to wonder about the history behind this particular Australian import.

Cinesthesia: A Synergy of the Senses

Cinemalaya, the most prestigious independent film festival in the Philippines, proved to be going nowhere towards the top as it reached its ninth year. Join a film fanatic in her Cinemalaya 9 experience.

World’s Top 5 Highest Paid TV Personalities

Televisions have become an inescapable part of the modern society and commonplace in business, homes, and institutions. It is also the main source for education, sports, weather, music, entertainment, advertising, and news. The wider popularity of small screen has also provided an opportunity to artists and performers to earn immense wealth, gain popularity, and enjoy celebrity status.

“One Direction: This Is Us” Gives Fans Access to the Band Away From the Stage

Director Morgan Spurlock has made a career out of expose-style documentaries that uncover the seedier side of seemingly mundane things. An excellent example is his debut film, “Super Size Me,” where he showed exactly what happens when an average person consumes way too much McDonald’s food. Making a film about an international boy-band phenomenon would seem to be way out of his usual comfort zone, but Spurlock proves equal to the task in “One Direction: This Is Us.

Playing for Time (1980)

Playing for time is actually playing for life, a movie in which music faces war and wins. Fania, a half Jew singer manages to survive in a concentration camp together with a group of musicians due to her extraordinary talent that enchants the German officers. The movie sends many messages and I am going to name some of the scenes that truly impressed me.

“Paranoia”: A Chilling Summer Thriller

“Paranoia” is a riveting 2013 thriller that delves into the world of big business and bigger corruption. Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman star as two incredibly powerful moguls in the technology industry who have a long-standing rivalry. The two industrialists will stop at nothing to settle the score between them, no matter who happens to become collateral damage.


“GO DAWGS!” Wouldn’t that be a well-fitting intro fro a movie whose setting is either at or close to The University of Georgia? It’s the story of a high school playboy and a wallflower girl. One morning he wakes up on her front lawn–after a night of binging–and without any notion of how he got there–completely dazed and mystified to see her.

Movie Review – “Stephanie’s Image” – Who Was She, to Others and to Herself?

When a documentary filmmaker investigates the apparent murder of a former model, she finds that there are numerous questions surrounding the Stephanie’s death. The film stars Oscar nominated actress Melissa Leo (Frozen River) in the title role as the nebulous entity everyone is attempting to identify.

Movie Review – “August Evening” Reweaves the Fabric of a Torn Family Where Change Is Inevitable

Chris Eska’s debut feature is about an undocumented Texas farm worker who takes to the road with his widowed daughter-in-law after losing his wife and his job in rapid succession. In this unhurried drama, the story centers on the difficulty young and old have in expressing both their love and disappointment in each other.

Forest Whitaker: Actor, Director, and Producer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, chances are better than good that you’ve seen one or more movies or television performances by actor, producer, and director, Forest Whitaker. He is well-known for his performances in films such as Oliver Stone’s “Platoon” and “The Last King of Scotland.” Whitaker has produced a body of work that is a force to be reckoned with, and his list of costars over the years reads like a who’s who of Hollywood A-listers.

Movie Review – “Rocket Science” Demonstrates That Life Is Anything But an Exact Science

A touching heartfelt drama, “Rocket Science” demonstrates that life is anything but an exact science. This edgy film, with its witty writing and thoughtful theme, celebrates the determination of a high school student trying to overcome his speech impediment.

Must-See Movies for Football Fans

Someone doesn’t have to be a fan of football to enjoy football movies, although it doesn’t hurt. Quite a few awesome football movies are out there. Some are funny, some are poignant, and a few will make viewers cry.