Movie Review: “Parked”

Here is a movie review for the film, Parked, which was released in the US on November 30th, 2012. It stars Colin Meaney and Colin Morgan. “Parked” is a story of two men trying to make the most of their lives on the fringes of society.

New Tom and Jerry Series in 2013

Everyone loves Tom and Jerry, and the classic cartoon characters and their constant battle to win over one another. The Tom and Jerry Show marks the latest television return of the frenetic duo since the previous hit series Tom and Jerry Tales. This new release of the Tom and Jerry Show also marks the first airing of the series in high- definition 16:9 format.

“Cloud Atlas” Failure or Success? Keys to Making a Film Work

There are basic storytelling tools and a film structure that can be found in every movie since the beginning of time. “Cloud Atlas” is a complicated story that works because of a strong theme and…

From Novels to Movies: What Works Best?

When movie studios elect to bring a novel to the movie screen, the result is not always a success. In fact, many adaptations are not well received by audiences for one reason or another. The problems are usually in the adaptation process; not every novel is designed for film.

Rise Of The Guardians 3D – A Modern Fairy Tale In Superb 3D Animation

Dreamworks’ new 3D animation film Rise of the Guardians is a fantasy adventure based on William Joyce’s book The Guardians of Childhood series and his short film The Man in the Moon made in collaboration with Reel FX. It is an adult adventure film made for children and is similar to the Avengers television series which is why it is popular with all ages. Distributed by Paramount it was released on November 21st in time for Christmas and the story begins 200 years after the book series ended.

5 Ways To Tell You’re in the Twilight Zone

You wake up in a weird world, you start to see things in a different light, you might be in the Twilight Zone. Here are 5 ways to tell whether or not you are truly in another dimension, one of sight, sound, and of mind.

Why You Should Visit Cougar Town

Are you looking for a hilarious show to watch? Cougar Town, starring Courtney Cox, is a kooky, funny show that you are sure to enjoy. Co-creator Bill Lawrence, who has had success in other popular television shows such as The Drew Carey Show, Spin City and Scrubs may be regretful about the name of this show, but don’t let that impact your decision to give it a chance. So many of the episodes are enjoyable and a little absurd that it’s difficult to choose my favorite ones, but these are some of my top picks.

Movie Review: “Elf”

Nine years after its initial release, “Elf” has become a holiday favorite for kids and adults looking for a fun film to watch during the Christmas season. At the time of its production, “Elf” featured several unknown quantities among its cast and crew. Will Ferrell was best known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and had made some ripples with his role as co-star in “Old School,” but he didn’t have the box office clout he would achieve following “Anchorman.” Zooey Deschanel was a little-known actress whose most famous roles at the time had been in the cult classic “Almost Famous” and “All the Real Girls.” Director Jon Favreau was coming off of the successful indie films “Swingers” and “Made,” but had yet to become the blockbuster director who would make “Iron Man.”

5 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Has the holiday fever caught you yet? Exit Thanksgiving, and the radio starts playing holiday songs, stores change their window displays and malls put up Christmas decorations. Most of us dig out those Christmas lights and are up on the roof stringing them on a dry weekend. Holiday movies are a staple in our home, and are as necessary as egg nog!

Three Top Video Game Movies

Video games have become increasingly popular since the first consoles were introduced decades ago. Today, many popular films are based on video games or feature video games in their plots. Three games that have become popular movies include “Resident Evil,” “Silent Hill,” and “Tomb Raider.

Exploring Frankenstein and Prometheus: From Greek Myths to Ridley Scott

Explains how Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus uses the Prometheus myths and then shows how the same ideas are updated in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus. Prometheus steals the secrets to creating life, but then his own creations get away from him, the destructive power of science, for which he is eternally punished.

Are Storage Auction TV Shows Real?

Despite its name, reality TV is usually anything other than realistic. No matter the show, it will usually present a view of the world that’s over-the-top or somewhat idealized in order to make for more interesting TV. Nevertheless, there’s usually plenty of truth in reality TV as well, which makes it important to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to any show you watch.