Fame: 3 Tips to Survive the Spotlight

When privacy and propriety are replaced with intrusion and even oppression, celebrities begin to hate the circumstance within which they find themselves. Once fame arrives not only is there a lack of personal privacy, mistrust and a growing sense of being cut-off from the fabric of the everyday world sets in. Some find a way to adapt, others crash and burn.

Michelle Williams: Small Town Girl Taking Hollywood by Storm

Known for her bright smile and soft-spoken ways, Michelle Williams has stolen the hearts of fans and dazzled critics left and right. From winning over audiences with her girlish mop of blond curls and slight smiles in the nineties to dazzling crowds with her sleek, mature bob and regal ways nowadays, Williams has made a splash both on screen and on red carpets. Her career has been incredibly diverse, and this talented actress has proven herself time and time again with her seemingly endless talent.

Preparing for a Wedding? Have You Completed Your Plastic Surgery Yet?

Just when you think reality television can’t get any worse. Here comes Bridalplasty! How can something like this be a thought? Better yet, why would someone sign up for this buffoonery?

Looking Back at the Applause-Worthy Films of February 2013

Sometimes being a latecomer to the party is the safest option. With so many big-budget films touting a 3D viewing experience as the main draw, moviegoers may have trouble finding thoughtful stories with engaging plots. Anyone who missed out on some of the best releases of February 2013 may be intrigued to know that zombies, fake psychotic breakdowns, and police informants helped provide a month of memorable plot twists.

The Case for 3D Televisions

This article looks at how the advances in 3D technology can be seen in your own home. It considers whether it is worth upgrading your own television to be part of the 3D revolution.

The Many Roles of Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a well-known American actress who was born in Los Angeles on April 19, 1979. Kate’s all-American golden looks and bright and bubbly personality combined with her Hollywood parentage almost ensured her passage to stardom, particularly after her success in the film “Almost Famous.” Fond of singing and dancing from an early age and being a happy and precocious child, she seemed to be almost destined for an acting career.

Top 10 Favourite Best Crime/Gangster Films From the Last 40 Years

Crime/Gangster is my favourite genre in film. I submit my top 10 favourite films in this genre from the last 40 years.

Five Popular Movies That Take Viewers Back to High School

Since stories began hitting the silver screen, filmmakers have capitalized on the drama of high school life. From 1961’s “Splendor in the Grass” to 1995’s “Clueless,” movies have explored the tension, comedy, fear, sorrow, and adventure involved in growing up. Movies based on and around high school offer a surprising variety when it comes to storylines, themes, and composition.

Celebrity Bullying: Jennifer Lawrence Bullied As a Kid

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence recently told The Sun that she was bullied as a child. The current darling of Hollywood, it’s hard to imagine anyone picking on Jennifer Lawrence.

The Life of Pi – Movie Review

I think “The Life of Pi” is an extraordinary film. With that said, I can also see how many people wouldn’t like it very much.

The Journey of Andrew Scott As Sherlock Holmes’ Moriarty

Over the past couple months; there have been some gripping and enjoyable drama series on the BBC recently. One that has gained a lot of positive reviews from the audience is Sherlock Holmes. Which has not only been recognised by the public, but has also gained national and international applause. This article delves into one of the more recognisable characters in the series (apart from Sherlock Holmes himself) and that is Jim Moriarty portrayed by Andrew Scott.

My Top 5 Elvis Presley Movies

When I was growing up, it seemed like there was an Elvis Presley movie on every Saturday. I enjoyed them as a kid and enjoy them just as much on DVD today. What follows is a list of my five favorite Elvis movies.