Top-Rated TV Shows Get Determined by the Nielsen Ratings System

With so many TV channels provided by cable and satellite companies, we are over saturated with shows to chose from. To help point out the most top rated TV shows, the Nielsen Rating System ranks them by a point system.

Five Movies That Shocked, Excited, and Horrified Tribeca Film Festival Audiences

The Tribeca Film Festival is one of the youngest, high-profile international events of its kind. The festival was launched in New York City in 2002, bringing social spirit and economic vitality back to lower Manhattan months after the World Trade Center attacks. Film giant Robert De Niro worked with Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff to jointly found the event, which hosts thousands of innovative films from around the world.

Hollywood – A Torch Bearer of Filmdom Across the World

The famous Hollywood is a district in Los Angles in the state of California. Hollywood refers to American Cinema. You can see the word “Hollywood” engraved in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles.

Movie Review – Matthew McConaughey Stars in Mud

Matthew McConaughey stars in the title role in Mud, a film about two teenaged boys living along the Mississippi River who befriend a fugitive hiding out on an island. As Mud awaits the arrival of his long-lost love, Juniper, the boys help him in his quest and learn important lessons along the way.

Five Most Enthralling Horror Films of All-Time

Horror films have long been the favorite of many moviegoers due to the excitement and surprise on offer. The horror genre is pretty loose, but a key guideline is that a film creates panic and alarm for the audience. Horror movies play on the worst fears of the audience by taking something from everyday life and turning it into something scary.

Some of the Biggest Family Movies Coming in May, June and July

Some of my greatest memories from when my girls were young is going to see the great summer blockbusters. We made a day out of it, lunch, movie and then a dessert talking how about how much fun we just had. Even though they are grown now I still look forward to the coming summer films. This year is as great as any, take a look with me to see what the first part of summer has in store for families.

Play Ball At the Movies!

Spring is officially here which means daffodils, robins, and baseball – not necessarily in that order. With the history of the game being remembered on the big screen in “42”, it’s time to enjoy some diamond antics and friendly rivalries.

3 DVD Reviews of “Hidden Gems”

With few, if any, video stores to browse the aisles, how does one choose from the thousands of titles listed online or Netflix? Here are three suggestions in brief reviews; all worth viewing – one of which may capture your interest. Enjoy the movies!

The Comedy Box Office King

Spring is a time for the movie studios to put out their films that don’t quite fit as summer blockbusters and also don’t really belong with the more dramatic fare of the fall. That means plenty of family films and comedies will be released around this time, with each one dueling for the top spot at the box office. There have been some big earners in the comedy genre recently, though one was a fairly big surprise.

Upcoming Zombie Movies

The article discusses the Zombie movies slated for release in the later months of 2013 and 2014; the genre is hugely popular now, following the vampire mania. It discusses the planned releases that look like they are going to cater to the new zombie mania sweeping the world, after wizards and vampires.

Jackie Chan’s “Gorgeous” Movie Review

This is a review of the film “Gorgeous” starring Jackie Chan. “Gorgeous” is one of Jackie’s few romantic comedies. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of action!

Evil Dead Makes a Nostalgic Trip to a Cabin in the Woods

This remake of the 1981 cult favorite, “Evil Dead,” was a risky gamble. The original is beloved by horror genre fans everywhere, and it is the project that launched the careers of its writer/director Sam Raimi (“Spiderman”) and lead actor Bruce Campbell. It also spawned a franchise of films, including “Evil Dead II” and “Army of Darkness.”