Dev Anand – A Star Still Shining in the Hindi Film Industry

Fondly known as the evergreen actor of Bollywood, Dev Anand is one versatile actor who stole the hearts of many. Not only was he a master in acting, but he was also film producer and director. He was born in Gurdaspur District and has the notable directors Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand as his sibling.

Limitless Afterthought – Explode Your Potential

After watching the movie “Limitless”, I have come to draw several conclusions about the movie and what the movie can seek to bring to its viewers. Explore your potential in this article.

Movie Ticket Prices: One Size Fits All? It’s Time to Experiment

The current movie exhibition model is under incredible stress. Although increasing ticket prices have often masked steadily declining movie attendance figures, there has been precious little experimentation to fundamentally address the issue of getting people back into the theater. As Doctor Phil would say, “how’s that current model working for ya?” The time has come to experiment and tinker to see what can be done to improve the initial window of movies, the window that drives all downstream revenues that finance the business. C’mon, guys, let’s try some new things.

Movie Houses: What They Are and Where To Find Them

Have you ever come out of a movie wondering, “Where was this film shot? I’d love to go there.” If so, you’re not alone. We may not be aware of it, but part of the pleasure of movie-going the ability to admire the architectural beauties and designed interiors where the movie takes place, hoping that, someday, we might be able to see them for ourselves. Knowing what films contain stunning properties and where to find them is the first step in creating your very own architectural guide to the stars.

Sucker Punch Movie Review

It’s been three weeks since I saw the new movie “Sucker Punch” and for three weeks I’ve been at a loss as to what to write about it. “Is it that bad?” you might ask. No, not really. It’s just something that almost defies explanation. I’ve read other reviews that try to describe the story line and what they think it all means, but thus far none of them have been able to truly explain it and I, who have far too little experience at reviewing, know that I wouldn’t be able to help you understand what you will see when you go to this movie.

What Makes Good Movie Speeches

What makes good movie speeches? Is it what is said? Is it how it is said? Or maybe it is the situation surrounding the moment of the speech.

Taxi Driver: 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray

There are very few films that have had such an impact on me as Taxi Driver, I was in my first year at college doing A-Levels and had a lucky couple gaps in my timetable that gave me periods off in the afternoon. I was studying Drama and English Literature and had got into the habit of buying videos blind to take home and watch on my own whilst my parents were at work and my sister was in school, one such movie was Taxi Driver which I selected solely on the strength of its star Robert De Niro, unaware…

Four Awesome Kung Fu Movies

Kung fu movies have captured the interest of Western audiences since they first came out. There are lots to choose from, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to watch next. Here are some of the best ones.

The King’s Speech 2010

The film is about a man trying to be the best version of himself that he can possibly be, and the start of that is getting over his speech impediment. If he can successfully deliver a speech to his people, he can lead them through the horrors of WWII.

Jason in Friday the 13th

The infamous Jason Voorhees from the film Friday the 13th, has been played by a number of different actors. Not only is the film famous for being a great horror film, it spawned the manufacture of thousands of Halloween costumes that are still popular today. In the original 1980’s version, the actor Ari Lehman who still makes personal appearances at horror festivals and on various online discussion boards, played Young Jason, most noted for first wearing the now-famous, white Jason mask.

Nollywood, Nigerian Movies And The Entertainment Industry

Nollywood is becoming a huge force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. It produced high quality home videos in huge numbers. Currently, it ranks just ahead of the United States and just behind India.

Reviewed: Rubber [2010]

Now here is a strange and weird one for you to get your teeth into. I saw a trailer for this several months back and although I knew this was going to be no high roller, it intrigued me so much that I just had to watch it. Rubber is all about a tyre named Robert.