Radiophonics Workshop – How Culture & Technology Paved the Way For These Unlikely Pioneers

A long way from the HD and Sky+ world of visual media we enjoy today, the first television programs were crude recordings, with very little in the way of editing, mastering and certainly no digital enhancements. It was a small handful of engineers and technicians back in the 1950’s, all members of a young BBC, who were to change the way we saw and thought about television. The work of those who would form and contribute to the Radiophonics Workshop over the next 50+ years served as a benchmark for cutting edge broadcast sound design and a comprehensive encyclopedia of digital audio production and electro-acoustic engineering.

Watching Movies for More Than Entertainment

There are a number of people who feel that there is nothing more entertaining as compared to watching their favorite movies as these are considered as very much visually stimulating. Always bear in mind that there are many movies that always have their own personal charm, and even if you are just not able to learn everything from any movie, still you find them very much entertaining and effective. Our mind is very much obsessed by the auditory and visual stimulation as compared to any other system of learning, including reading books.

Non Health Benefits of Watching Movies

You can enjoy benefits of watching movies, if you appreciate movies and in the present time watching movies certainly has become very much convenient for anyone. You can watch them in cinema halls, televisions or even internet, from the convenience of your home. In most cases you just don’t have to spend a dime to watch your favorite movies online as thousands of websites offer you with streaming movie facilities where you never need to rent them in order to watch them.

Negative Effects Or Simply Entertainment – The Present Time Movies

Movies in the present time are generally considered as one of the most entertaining media and there are millions of people around the globe who spend 3-4 hours on weekends with their family and friends getting entertained at their homes, theatres or internet. Even if these are considered as being stress buster, still for your kids, too much of movies can always have negative effects as it overloads your brain with images and thoughts. The fact is that movies have the power to manifest all its ill effects on our minds, but these can be controlled by implementing a few…

Fight Depression While Watching Movies

You can always avoid using medicines that can trigger side effects by simply watching action packed movies to fight depression, negative energy levels, mood disorders and anger. A number of medical studies have proved that watching action movies can in fact help in boosting the production of hormones in your body and at the same time in offering a feeling of well being, both physically and mentally. But even if this is the condition, still it does not mean that you should always watch movies.

Comedy Movies Offers With All Benefits of Laughing

Movies are believed to relax your mind and body. You can always select movies from array of categories and genre. There are a number of movies that are believed to have a much greater impact on global population, no matter what language they are made in.

The Best of the Best For Halloween – Top Five Monsters of Horror

Find the top five scary monsters from horror flicks and what makes them so scary in this top five list. Get great ideas for scary movie night, making your own top five lists, or find the scariest Halloween costumes. Make the most of the horror genre by experiencing the best of it, first.

Piranha 3D

Today I went to see Piranha 3D with good expectations, but left with a bittersweet feeling. The sweet part was the over the top violence, the Richard Dreyfuss cameo, and the unapologetically gratuitous nudity courtesy of some real-life porn stars. The bitter part was realizing that I had paid to watch innocent people get butchered for my own entertainment.

Best Kid’s Movies

Children have always been fascinated by movies. It is a great way for them to experience and learn new things. Here is a list of some of the must watch movies for kids that released before the 1990’s.

Upcoming Kid’s Movies

2010 has seen a flurry of kid’s movies at the box office. Most of them like Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3 have clicked well with the audience and have done excellent business worldwide. Here is a look at all kid’s movies which are due for release this year and the next.

“The Graduation Party” The Movie About A Generation

“The Graduation Party” is a film by the 39 year old award winning writer director and creator of the 4 star documentary “The Last Game” which was called the best sports film every made by the LA Times. This time out he tackles the subject of endings, beginnings, the death of youth and the birth of adulthood. These may be heavy themes but as they collide during the last party after graduation, the group of friends defer such reality with sustained non-sobriety, until the dawn shines the enlightenment of a misspent youth now gone.

Transferring Legacy Super 8, Regular 8mm & 16mm Film to Digital and DVD – Helpful Consumer Knowledge

This article is written to give home users and business owner’s helpful insight on how to transfer and convert home movies and legacy film like Super 8, Regular 8mm and 16mm film to DVD or digital. This article is designed to share with users our experience as professional video editor and help people who want to attempt on their own or searching for a reputable company to transfer your film.