Network TV, Without The Network Or The TV

Netflix gives us network television. No network required, and no television either.

Zen and the Art of Directing Movies: A Meditation on the Most Successful Directors of 2012

The world didn’t end in 2012. Quite the contrary, in the film industry, the world saw a new birth of the art of making moving pictures. More than a little of this rebirth can be laid at the feet of the year’s most successful directors.

Pather Panchali Sang The Perfect Song Of Humansim

1956, the Cannes Film Festival, a Bengali filmmaker got the award of “Best Human Document” for his low budget film “Pather Panchali”. The greatest film ever made in Indian History of Cinema. A novel turned into a motion frame just became eternal at the hands of legendary film director “Satyajit Ray”.

How Are Movie Posters Created?

It can take months of hard work to produce a film and edit it for release. When a movie becomes successful, it is generally the directors and star actors who take all of the credit. However, without promoting a film on a large scale, it is unlikely to become a blockbuster.

Actor Humphrey Bogart – A Magnificent Life

One of the most magnificent actors of the 20th century is most well-known for one single phrase, “Here’s looking at you kid.” Humphrey Bogart’s career as an actor got off to a rocky start in the early 1920’s.

Alien Contamination – An 80s Sci Fi Film You’ve Never Heard Of – For Good Reason

Alien Contamination is an 80s sci fi movie about alien eggs that blow up when heated, and one man’s attempt to take over the world. Right.

Five Successful Actors Who Define the Box Office

Many actors have made their mark on Hollywood and have been tagged as movie stars, all thanks to a few insanely successful movies. However, only a small number of actors have that charisma that can guarantee a box-office success even if they are not appearing as the main character in the movie. Because of their bankability as actors, their careers have stretched over decades, appearing in multiple hits and high-grossing franchises and winning major film awards.

Raymond Burr Forever Perry Mason

This is an introduction to the remarkable life of Raymond Burr, better known in his TV series as Perry Mason. Burr will live forever in the hearts of those who got to know Raymond on TV as a kind and generous person.

The History of Hollywood Movie Awards

The modern movie was born in 1915 with the release of D.W. Griffith’s silent epic “Birth of a Nation,” and the first Hollywood movie awards followed little more than a decade later.

Movie 43 Gives More Than Expected

Movie 43 is a raunchy comedy that takes things over the line… and keeps going. Check out my review for more.

Racing at the Movies

Fans of action films love chase scenes, because they generally pack a ton of adrenaline and help make a movie more tense and exciting. Cars have also been used extensively in films as a status symbol. Other films show car racing instead of chases, with several having a plot that is centered on racing and nothing else.

My Story With Streaming Media

I left the 90’s as a digital pirate, collecting media on massive hard drives for years. Once good alternatives arrived allowing streaming content at reasonable prices the desire for digital piracy faded.