“Yes Man” – Jim Carrey – Not Just a Movie!

If you have seen the movie you know what I mean, there’s a whole world out there 24/7 but most of us are asleep or to blind to see this. Yes Man really got me thinking about my life and what I could have and didn’t do with the time I have had so far (I’m 33). I mean some never even get to the age of 33 but maybe they lived a twice as fun and productive life than I have.

Top 5 Disney Movie Villains

From the beginning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there have always been villains in Disney films. The villains purpose is to make the life of the hero/heroine as miserable as possible.

How Scrim Benefits White CYC Studio Visual Effects

What is scrim? Scrim is a term use in the theater industry to refer to theater curtains. Scrim is a valuable creative tool in the set designer’s bag of tricks.

Changing Hindi Cinema

Hindi cinema has evolved itself from the conventional type to a highly innovative cinema. The kind of movies you used to see five years ago, have started diminishing and you will find more audience oriented movies now. Movies which are coming these days, try to reflect the real side even if it is the dark side of life.

Dead Man – A Tribute to William Blake

It is inevitable that Jim Jarmusch had had William Blake in his mind. The case may be true about its screenplay writer who has given so much allusion to Blake in the film. The western setting of the film reminds one of the visionary characters of Blake the poet’s works such as Jerusalem, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and other prophetic books of the Romantic poet of the nineteenth century. The long shoots of the film also adds to this visionary character of the film and brings to the surface Blake the poets and not the Blake the accountant’s mind.

Stars Who Pop Up All Over the Place After You See Them in Your Favorite Show

How little we pay attention to them when they are new, extras in the Hollywood industry. Then when they finally land that big part, we start noticing them in all the small roles they had throughout their career. Watching reruns and yesterday’s movies, they keep popping up all over the place.

Childhood Movie Memories – The Remake

We hid underneath our blankets with one eye peering out as Jason Voorhees slashed through his victims on the television screen. We breathed shallow breathes of tension as the Wolverines fought to liberate their small town from the Russians in Red Dawn. So how is our generation coping with the newest Hollywood remakes that shaped our childhood memories and what movies will our children reflect upon in adulthood?

Great Christmas Films For the Festive Season

It’s December which means Christmas is rushing towards us and so are the annual onslaught of Christmas films on the big screen. Christmas really is a special time of the year when you can guarantee a batch of feel good films which are fun for all the family, as well as a few ideally suited to those film fans without families. But it’s not just the new releases which makes Christmas films so special but also the annual showing of previous favourites on the TV as well.

Kung Fu Movies – More Than Just Action Flicks

Kung fu movies mean many things to different people. Some see it as exciting actions movies and others see a deeper meaning to the films.

Halloween at the Movies – At Home

If you’re an avid DVD or Blu-ray collector of movies past and present, there’s one occasion fast approaching that beckons some titles on the shelf to be played on your 8-channel home entertainment system. Forget about taking the night out. Just about every couple and family has some kind of Halloween celebration taking place somewhere. And the kids are sure to get into the usual Trick or Treat escapade in the neighborhood. So what do you do on Halloween night? Watch a horror flick at home.

Five Hollywood Western Classics Not to Be Missed

Hollywood Western Classics have always been favorites of mine. While the western is not as popular today as it once was (although, there has been a bit of renewed interest), any younger film fan who omits the western genre from their area of movie interest will have truly missed out on some great motion pictures. The western is far more than the “horse opera” as some would describe it. So, to all of you western deprived young movie-fans, here are some classic Hollywood westerns from the 1920s-1950s that you owe it to yourself to view.

Crime and Gangster Movies – A Hollywood Fascination

Cold-blooded murder, gang wars, and explosions – was it a Hollywood production? No, it was the streets of Chicago during the 1920’s. The public’s fascination with real crime and gangsters was a guilty pleasure that helped generate huge profits for Hollywood. What was happening on the streets during the 20’s would fuel the popularity of the crime and gangster movie genre in the 1930’s and 1940’s.