Movie Review – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012) (PG-13)

We have already learned that Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) sold his soul to the Devil to become the Ghost Rider, a demonic bounty hunter who takes on the appearance of a flaming skeleton in a leather jacket. He rides a motorcycle, also flaming, and carries with him a chain which he uses as a weapon. About midway through Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, we learn that his powers extend beyond even this – according to what he tells a young boy, at least. It seems that, when he has to pee, he unzips his fly and lets loose a steady stream of fire, like a flamethrower. All of a sudden, I understand the euphemistic meaning of the word “fireman.”

Movie Review: The Descendants

George Clooney’s Hawaiian property kahuna’s life is paradise, until his wife is gravely injured in a water ski accident. With his wife on life support, the disconnected dad must now resume fatherly duties, too long neglected during his voluntary hiatus as the “back up parent”; all whilst overseeing the vitally important sale of his family’s sizable plot of prime Hawaii real estate bequeathed down through generations from their ancestors. Furthermore shattering revelations tip Matt near to the edge.

Movie Review: Drive

As soon as we commence with ‘Drives’ quite brilliant opening, a cool but not so frantic getaway; it is clear that you don’t mess with ‘The Driver’. Ryan Gosling simply oozes class, cool and intimidation with a soon to be seen ruthlessness that, although not coming as a surprise (there is a clear, deep simmering, primal instinct beneath the calm exterior) is no less stunning. The prologue opening is simply awesome, calm yet tense, a cat and mouse hide and chase that gives us a stylish glimpse of the night blue metal cool of a Los Angeles…

Movie Review of The Vow

Hypothetically speaking, if you were to wake up from a coma and not remember anything about the last 4 years of your life, including the person you are married to, it would be a frightening and confusing ordeal. Of course, if the person claiming to be your spouse looked like Channing Tatum, there’s a distinct possibility you might be tempted to just go with it, although I suppose that’s simplifying the issue a bit. But if you are wondering if the storyline translates into a worthwhile movie, read on.

What About Portable Freeview?

With the completion of Switchover imminent and the impending death of the analogue broadcast, most UK TV watchers will already have their living room sets hooked up to some form of digital receiver. Whether that’s a Freeview box, Freesat receiver, Sky, Virgin or BT Vision is a matter of personal choice that’s dictated by what we are prepared to pay for and also by what’s available in our area. Freeview and Freesat as their names suggest are the two ‘Free’ options, for both you’ll need to make an initial investment in equipment.

Intro to European Cinema – The Very Best Films

A quick introduction to the very best films of European Cinema. Let us have a look at the 5 most relevant and important film countries in Europe. From each country I select the very best movie.

23 Cool Facts You May Not Know About Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling said that the name ‘Lord Voldemort is pronounced without the “t.” J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter have the same birthday, July 31.

Steadicam in “Carlito’s Way” Chase Scene

Here we take a look at one of the most interesting chase sequences ever, the final scene from “Carlito’s Way” at Grand Central Station. The visual impact of this scene is very powerful thanks to the use of steadicam and we’ll discuss how the brilliant and subtle use of steadicam throughout this scene makes a difference in the overall result.

Movie Review – The Theatre Bizarre (2012) (Not Rated)

The Theatre Bizarre boasts seven directors, nine screenwriters, and nineteen people with varying producing credits to their names. It’s a horror anthology, you see, comprised of six shorts and one wraparound segment. As a collective whole, it’s a little like a hideous laboratory monster stitched together out of spare parts by people with no skills in science, medicine, or even basic needlework. As individual stories, the parts are rotten, as if they had been extracted from subjects several months dead. Only one piece is a fresh specimen.

Get Community Members Excited About Reading With an Outdoor Movie Event

The library is a place for people of all ages to gather, read and enjoy the company of other community members. It can be difficult at times to create excitement in the community about the library and what is has to offer, and to encourage new visitors. Libraries often seek ways to encourage community members to visit the library and read by hosting events and featuring reading programs where all of the patrons involved in the program read the same book or books, and sometimes get together after reading to discuss the book.

House MD – Excellence Overcomes Addiction

House M.D. is a medical drama TV series about a doctor who sees the true causes of his patients’ illnesses while other doctors don’t. He displays this amazing ability despite being addicted to Vicodin and alcohol.

Good Vampire, Bad Vampire

From Bram Stoker’s first “Dracula” movie in 1931 to Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight”, the vampire as a horror monster has evolved. In today’s movies and literature, some vampires are good and some are bad. This article explores the difference in good versus evil vampires.