Famous Pinoy Bold Stars

They are bold. They are stars in their own right. They are the most famous celebrities who bare all their secrets in national television and billboard advertisements.

World War I – Seven Top Films That Bring World War I to Life

Don’t wait until your kid’s first history final to get them hooked on history. Treat them to a monthly movie that educates at the same time that it entertains. Your kids will thank you once they head to class. Here are seven great films that bring World War One to life…

Pearl Harbor, 1941 – One Award Winning Film That Can Bring That Day to Life For Your Kids

On Sunday, December 7, 1941, the Japanese navy conducted a surprise military strike on the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor. The attack consisted of two aerial attack waves totaling 353 aircraft, which were launched from six Japanese aircraft carriers. Here is one great film that can bring the day to life…

Teaching Colonial Africa – Three Exceptional Films That Can Bring Colonial Africa Alive For Your Kid

In Desert and Wilderness is a great family film based on a novel by Poland’s Henryk Sienkiewicz. Set near the end of the 19th Century, the movie follows the adventures of two children who have accompanied their engineer father to the Sudan where he begins working on the Suez Canal project.

The Space Race – Five Fantastic Historical Films That Bring the Space Race Alive

The Space Race began on October 4, 1957 with the launch of Sputnik and ended on July 17, 1975 with the rendezvous of the Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft. Between those dates, humans walked, drove, and played golf on the moon. It is hard to believe that more than 30 years later, many kids are unaware of this amazing time. Here are five awarding films that can bring it alive for them.

Quantum of Solace – Women in Leadership – A Woman’s Review

A strong female leader in a James Bond movie? Hard to believe but Judi Dench’s character in Quantum of Solace is a great role model for leadership.

7 Latest Naruto Shippuden Episodes

Naruto Shippuden Episode 88 – Fuuton, Rasen-Suriken Naruto uses his new technique Rasen-Shuriken to battle Kakuzu. In the fisrt attempt, he fail. He lost Rasen-Shuriken form just it will hit Kakuzu. Kakuzu catch Naruto and want to steal his heart, but Kakashi and Yamato move quickly to save Naruto. (update everyweek when latest narutoshippuden episode release)…

How Television Changed Our Homes

I saw some new variety of cookies in Tesco the other day – in the cereals aisle. I think they were yet another one of those substitutes for a sensible breakfast, marketed, presumably, at the apparently increasing numbers of people who regularly fail to find either the time to pour milk and cereal into a bowl, or to just grow up and eat fruit or something. This new variety of pseudo-food shouldn’t have taken me by surprise, though, apparently: “As seen on television,” it said on the box. Oh yes, I thought, of course, I’ll have half-seen an ad at some point, won’t I?

Jonas Brothers – Clean Image Gone Dirty

The American boy band, Jonas Brothers, is not only making headlines because of their music and acting efforts. Recent controversies involving Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas have caused Disney to lose some money to cover up bad publicity swirling around.

Zac Efron Revealed

Who could ever refuse a hot young guy who can sing, dance and still look so manly and phenomenal at the same time? Simply put—Zac Efron shirtless is a sight to behold.

4 Excellent Films Commemorating the Battle of Little Big Horn

Between June 25 and 26, 1876, a combined force of Lakota and Northern Cheyenne led the United States 7th Cavalry into a battle near the Little Bighorn River in what was then the eastern edge of the Montana Territory. The engagement is known by several names: the Battle of Greasy Grass, the Battle of Little Big Horn, and Custer’s Last Stand. Perhaps the most famous action of the Indian Wars, it was a remarkable victory for Sitting Bull and his forces. They defeated a column of seven hundred men led by George Armstrong Custer; five of the Seventh’s companies were annihilated and Custer himself was killed in the engagement along with two of his brothers and a brother-in-law. Known as the battle that left no white survivors, Little Big Horn has inspired more than 1,000 works of art, including over 40 films.

X Factor and Extra Fashion

The X Factor is nearing its finale and never before has the show seen such stylish contestants. From Ruth Lorenzo’s rock-chick diva-glamour to Diana Vickers’ contemporary-hippy look, all the colours of the fashion rainbow have been seen. And that’s just the contestants, the judges have gone all-out this year with Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue especially showing off their Sunday best on a Saturday night.