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Let’s say you like movies. You spend your vacant time to watch your favorite movies. And yes, you enjoy it. But there comes a time where you get bored, sleepy, and fed up with watching, no matter how interesting the movie is.

Penelope Cruz Reunites With Sergio on Venuto

Towards the end of last month, Screen International reported that Sergio Castellito and Penelope Cruz are to work together again. Penelope Cruz has apparently told the Italian daily La Repubblica that she would appear in the Italian actor-director’s next venture. The film in question is a movie adaptation of the 2008 Italian novel “Venuto al Mondo”, by Margaret Mazzantini.

Juan Antonio Gets the Impossible With Naomi Watts

Juan Antonio Bayona, the Spanish film maker best known for The Orphanage, his highly acclaimed horror film has been taken in to direct The Impossible, a film which is said to be based on a true story set around the Tsunami of 2004 in the Indian Ocean. Juan debuted in 2007 as a director and made waves with his directorial venture. He is back for this drama, the rights to which have been bought by Summit Entertainment.

3D Movies – Now Available Not Only in Theaters, But Also at Home!

There are currently DVD players which are transportable; however their monitors are rather small. DVD players that play High Definition are also available. Now, there is a new DVD player available in the market, the 3D DVD player.

The Development of 3D Technology

Around 50 years ago Hollywood considered 3D movies would be widespread, with millions of cinema goers enjoying three dimensional movies by the the late 1960’s. Well, fifty years on that thought is now becoming a reality as more and more producers and directors are investing their time and money in developing blockbuster movies in 3D format.

Sex In The City 2 Movie And Parent Guilt

Two of the characters are carrying parent guilt in the new Sex In the City 2 movie. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis), represent the average parents today agonizing over their parental duties conflicting with work, and those parents trying to raise difficult children. It’s important that if you are a parent to know the difference between real guilt and false guilt.

Sonam Kapoor – The New Bollywood Actress

Sonam Kapoor comes in the skies by the “Saawariya” a movie by the director of Devdas. Kapoor is the legendary last name in the Indian Film Industry, which understands as the symbol of Success. But in the case of Sonam it’s not true, because the artist has the guts of performing arts; The Kathak Dance, classical Indian Music and Latin dance are the specialties of Sonam. She studies Dance from her childhood, and 2 years of theater study from United World College of East Asia. Now her B.A is on going from Bombay University.

Directing Tips – What Makes an Interesting Protagonist (Part Two – Familiarity)

One of my readers made an excellent point about my blog on the new Star Trek movie and since it’s relevant to creating an interesting protagonist, I’m going to write a blog instead of a response. It doesn’t matter how bad things get for your protagonist if you don’t care about him. So how do you create a protagonist that your audience will care about?

A Short History of English Movies and Philippine Literature

The history of English movie is very old dating nearly back to the same time as other most of the European countries and America. While Philippine literature is also very old and most of the ancient literature of Philippines dates from ancestral worship and legends which were brought by the first settlers from Taiwan. In 1913, American movies and actors had infiltrated deep into England and this fashion became so popular that a London based film company started making films in the UK casting American actors.

Samsung 32 Inch LCD TV – TV With Huge Screen

Samsung is one of the popular electronic product manufacturers. Recently, this company is fascinating users with free Samsung 32 inch LCD TV.

Top 10 Movies to See This Summer

The summer movie season is always an exciting time – it’s the time of year when movie studios release their best work, since people have more time off in the summer to check out what’s new. This is also the time where teenagers are out of school and they can check out the newest movies with their friends. No matter what your reason is to check out the movies this summer, there are really a few movies that you just need to go see. Here is our short list of top 10 movies coming out this summer that we think will stand out.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Review 2010

Hollywood seems determined to remake just about any classic movie that’s ever been made, especially in the genre of horror. We seen new versions of Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and now we get A Nightmare on Elm Street. I’m not sure if the executives and producers are just running out of new ideas, or if they honestly feel that the original movies can be improved upon in this new century.