House on DVD – How to Get House DVDs For Less

Fox Television created a hit show when the first season of House was released. Now after five seasons and winning two Grammy awards, this compelling medical mystery show continues to gain viewers.

“The Nanny” Starring Betty Davis

Many films today seem to have a plot that is not only predictable, but also tends to leave the viewer on the outside. Many of these movies are nowhere near enjoyable because you are never allowed to truly experience the feelings and interactions of the characters.

Why the Movie Up is So Great

I caught this movie with my kids, and I’m pretty sure this movie has been reviewed to death. Happily, everybody felt this movie was great, and I can’t even begin to explain why, or where to start. Frankly, the introduction to the movie is really great on so many levels.

What is the Hype About Avatar Anyway?

As I felt kind of bored at home, the way any parent might feel when you’ve been stuck at home with the kids for the past month, I thought I would go catch the much hyped Avatar. First thing that I should have thought about was the much hyped 3D experience. I seriously thought I could simply wear the 3D glasses over my current ones.

1980s Movies We’ll Never Forget

Never have so many box offices smashes and cult hits come out of one decade as they did in the 1980’s. You should of at least heard of these, if you haven’t been lucky enough to see them. So many of these great movies haven’t been seen by those who are around the age of 23 or younger.

The Top 3D Films in Movie History

We’ve watched the experiments through the years, while they tinkered with this and that, and finally they seem to have perfected 3D technology. There are so any ways that 3D technology can be used to heighten our enjoyment of major events and also movies. An extra layer is added to the film to make us feel as if we are really there, and we feel as if we can reach out and touch it.

Pet Television

Cable television has taken entertainment to a whole new level with channels that are all about the weather, the time, and even animals. The concept of pet television has been brought to life thanks to the premier channel dedicated to animals of all kinds, ‘Animal Planet’.

TV Review – Survivor 20 – Episode 2 – The Curse of Survivor

Survivor 20 is the best season yet. Russel is the Ultimate Survivor.

How Did Maui Taylor Fail?

Maui literally became a sex symbol in the Philippines after her FHM stint. She was best known for her youthful face and a mature body and the magazine was a best seller at that time. Due to the fame she earned in FHM, movie producers offered her to do a sexy movie and she gave her nod to Viva Films.

How a Movie Called 3 Idiots Can Actually Make You Smarter About Life

If a picture is worth a 1000 words how much is a moving picture worth? Life lessons from one of the best selling movies that you probably never heard of.

Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio – Shutter Island Review

When most people think of Martin Scorsese films, they think of dark, twisty tales with great depth and a spooky soundtrack that pull you straight into the reality of the film. Shutter Island is no exception, even though an avid movie goer may be able to figure out the direction of the plot.

Are YOU the Next American Idol? Auditioning For American Idol

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 8 years, everyone knows about American Idol. But to recap, American Idol is a TV show that has singers competing to win the coveted title of American Idol. The show was based on the English show Pop Idol and is still produced by British producers Ken Warwick and Simon Fuller, the producers of Pop Idol. The first American episode of American Idol debuted on June 11, 2002 and attracted the attention of millions of television viewers. The show’s premise is to discover the best young singing talent in the country through a very televised nationwide search.