Reasons For Writing a Script Treatment

Hashing out a solid script treatment greatly increases the chances for a tight well written script to be born. This article is mainly for those aspiring screenwriters that have a movie idea they are going to eventually write themselves.

Movies About Magic and Magicians

There are so many magicians out there and hundreds of movies about magic. One of the best places to find this genre of movies in on the internet and YouTube.

Reality Shows in India

Reality Shows have been dominating the TRP’s in Indian Television as of late. Viewers have been sick and tired of the daily family soaps and dramas that were served to them and they wanted something new, something that they could relate too, something real. It was then that the concept of having a reality shows that would showcase ordinary people instead of actors, accompanied by celebrities was conceived and India’s first popular reality show Indian Idol was shown on Sony television. Since then there has been numerous shows following up. In fact the show schedule of most entertainment channels are lined up with Reality shows in the late evenings when you have maximum amount of visitors.

True Independent Film – The Iconographer Goes Back to Indie Film Roots With Film Maker Andy Mingo

Remember the first days of independent film? Those were the days of “Eraserhead” and “Mala Noche” and “Crumb” and “Pi” and “El Mariachi” and “Clerks” and even “Roger and Me.” Remember how exciting it was to watch the dominant mode of production of our time, film making, be put into the hands of a regular person who might live next to you? Or might even be you?

Movie Ideas You Can Script & Shoot

Here and there different friends have pitched me on a movie idea they have. Loosely quoting it usually starts with, “I have this great idea for a movie.” The same thing when I receive emails from aspiring screenwriters.

Family Entertainment, Where Did it Go?

If you owned and operated a television network what type of programming would you promote on it? Are you one of the millions of people concerned with the content being produced and promoted by “Hollywood”? Do you really believe that entertainment and television shows that promote traditional family values no longer interest the masses? If you are a parent are you concerned with the type of tv shows and movies your children are watching?

My Guilt For Not Watching NBC’s Chuck – Till Now

I’d like to think of myself as an avid TV viewer. When I find a show I like I involve family and friends as I’m passionate about the shows I enjoy and I like to watch them on TV when they air. I stumbled upon a show in the middle of its second season and experienced guilt that I hadn’t found it sooner. That show is NBC’s Chuck. In this article I’ll explain my guilt and why others like me and my kids are just now tuning in.

Antonio Banderas – A Gift From Malaga

As the voice of Puss in Boots in the series of Shrek films, Antonio Banderas’ accent is becoming just as recognisable as his easily identifiable face. Hailing from the Spanish city of Malaga, Banderas started his acting career in Spanish films and TV shows in 1982. It wasn’t until 1993 that he made his first appearance in a major English-spoken film – The House of Spirits, alongside Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons and Winona Ryder.

Is High Definition Good For Hollywood?

Those of us with high definition-compatible TV sets love what HD has done for our TV and movie-watching experiences. We now enjoy sharp, stunning images that are two to four times clearer than the standard images we were used to only a few years ago.

Alien Invasion Movies You Cannot Miss

The question of intelligent life has always fascinated the human species. Depending on your particular opinion, the thought of other beings out there can be comforting or terrifying. When it comes to Hollywood’s interpretation of the matter the latter seems to be the favored response. It’s not really surprising that Hollywood should choose to see alien life forms as threatening as this view does make for great summer blockbusters in high definition. What’s more exciting than watching a war between worlds, in which grotesque aliens with their gangly tentacles ravage Earth, while humans rally, forgetting their differences and bombing the invaders to kingdom come.

Veerapan in Kashmir

In days of yore the brigand Veerapan would hurl defiance at all the attempts of his capture by the Governments of the 2 highly developed, educated and IT savvy southern states. Even the elite NSG failed to formulate a strategy to catch him. He virtually brought the chief ministers of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to their knees.

Michael Curtiz – A Director Worth Remembering

Michael Curtiz’ name is often overlooked in lists of great American directors of Hollywood’s golden age. However, it shouldn’t be. Curtiz was responsible for some of the best, most memorable films ever made.