Who Are The Transformers? The Story Line

There are two conflicted sides in the core of the story. Autobots, representing the ones who want to defend their home planet Cybertron and Decepticons whose agenda is to conquer it and the entire universe as well.

The Top Movies Of 2011

It takes both effort and wisdom to make a movie. It requires teamwork and co-operation. It needs generous doses of creativity and skill.

Movie Review: Welcome to the Riley’s (2010)

A common name doesn’t make a family in the 2010 hit Welcome to the Riley’s. Doug Riley see’s something more that just a 16-year old runaway stripper in Kristen’s Stewart’s character strategically known by many different names (e.g. Mallory, Allison, etc.) After losing his own 15-year old daughter, Emily, to a car accident the atypical, middle class Riley doesn’t turn to drinking or the abuse of his shut-in wife, Lois, who might be said to hold the blame.

The Rite

The Rite is a curious film. We get a film in the exorcism genre once a year, it seems, but we don’t usually get films that take consideration of what they’re studying. In 1973, The Exorcist debuted to stellar box office and reviews, and in 2005, The Exorcism of Emily Rose came to theaters and was much maligned. Emily Rose, based on the factual exorcism of a young German girl called Annalise Michel, has been called more authentic than The Exorcist; however, it isn’t the famous one. The more serious and accurate the film, it seems, the less popular it becomes. The Rite falls in the middle of these two: a serious film, that still comes with all the frills. No spinning heads, no constant vomiting, but still loads of flopping around and other traits of “cinematic possession”. It’s a film that ponders several questions, most importantly, “What happens when a priest gets a demon?”

Movie Review Fair Game – Game On

What happens when one day fine day everyone gets to know that you are a spy? Based on the true story of Valerie Plame, a CIA operative whose cover was blown by the White House, Fair Game doesn’t really go in for the shock and awe but never falls short of engaging.

In A Class Of His Own, Roman Polanski

When it comes to international film director’s and their contributions to motion pictures it’s difficult not to think of Roman Polanski. Having made films in the U.S,Great Britain,Poland and France Polanski’s work is truly world-renowned. Rajmund Roman Thierry Polanski was born on August 18th, 1933 in Paris, France. Roman would spend only a few years in Paris as his family moved to Poland in 1937. They would settle in Krakow just prior to the beginning of World War 2 (1939-1945) but with his father being of Jewish decent they would not be safe from Nazi persecution.

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

From the very opening scene it’s apparent that the magic that once coursed through the veins of the original Pirates of the Caribbean has all but run dry. The long-awaited reunion with everyone’s favorite scoundrel pirate lacks the humor that should have permeated the entire affair, and such lusterless exploits continue throughout the rest of the film.

Vampire Digest: Why Damon Salvatore Should Leave Mystic Falls

I hate seeing anyone embarrassed, whether that person is an actual human being I interact with on a day to day basis, or a character on TV. And as of late, Damon Salvatore, the temperamental vampire on the CW’s ‘Vampire Diaries’, is an embarrassment.

RANDOM Choices = A RANDOM Career

Many actors miss out on a successful career by making random choices – getting a new headshot, paying to meet a casting director, taking a new class. Instead, they would be more successful if they created a long term marketing plan and had the guidance of a mentor – changing “random” acts into “specific” action steps.

Find Out Which Movies Rock for Date Night

So, you have a hot date coming over? Are you trying to decide which type of movie would be a perfect choice for the night ahead? Are you looking for something that can satisfy her likes with romance, while at the same time can keep the man interested?

Movie Review: No One Killed Jessica Delivers!

It’s never an easy task to make a film based on real events which transpired in the recent past. Keeping the parameters in mind Rajkumar Gupta’s No One Killed Jessica is a laudable effort that gets most of it right.

Top Movies of 2010

Spanning through genres and different types of movies, we have seen how the year 2010 was delivered brilliance of cinema and film making. There have been inspiring dramas, sweet romances and hilarious comedies. There have also been tense action flicks and thrillers.