5 Hot Items Now Playing on Satellite TV

Getting bored by a cable TV roster is nothing new. In fact, the new wave of satellite TV providers basically sprung up because the old system was inadequate and the old programming tired. If you look at the lineup of shows, original series, movies and sports coming into play these days via satellite, you’ll see why there is so much buzz surrounding the service.

Alpha and Omega Another Fun Family Movie

We’ve always been a sucker for animal films like All Dogs Go To Heaven so Alpha and Omega is one of those that looks cute and we’ll check it out. It looks like one that will be great for the whole family to be able to watch together too.

How To Decide On The Right Movie Ticket

This article will give you valuable information on how different movie theatre tickets work since there are so many to choose from. Some have restrictions and It can be very confusing. You want to be able to obtain the most value for your money, especially in today’s economical times.

Ethical Choice in the Movie Gone Baby Gone

Ethical issues arise when Patrick and Angie discuss whether they should take the missing girl case. Angie does not want to take the case because she is afraid that she might find an abused or dead child. Patrick does not want to find her dead either but since they know people in the neighborhood and they have the skills they should.

The 50 Cutest Child Stars

It is not simple or easy for a child actor to break through the rest of the crowd and become a superstar in Hollywood; it not only requires significant determination and perseverance, but also a certain amount of good looks. The following actors (in no particular order) have managed to cement themselves as the 50 cutest child stars of all time.

Subtitle Sites To Help Make Movies Better

Any true movie lover is bound to have a huge collection of movies from all around the world. However, watching such movies can become a problem if there are no proper subtitle sources to aid the viewing. A foreign movie should be enjoyed in its own language and expression to get the feeling and depth of emotions.

A Great Sri Lankan Actress – Malani Fonseka

This Sri Lanka actress showed that becoming famous and becoming skilled is two different things. But the difference of the “greatest ones” is that they bring these two into harmony.

What Not to Do at a Cinema

When going to the cinema it is important to pay respect to your fellow movie-goers. Here are some things you should avoid doing to not annoy people around you.

The Latest Apple Gadget, The Apple TV

The new Apple TV has arrived and it basically works as a digital media receiver. The digital content generated by iTunes store, YouTube, MobileMe and many other Windows PC running tunes can be played by with the Apple enhanced-definition TV.

Toy Story – The Computer Animated Classic

This animated film begins with Andy, a boy with many toys. What he doesn’t know is that his toys come to life when no one is around. The leader is a cowboy named Woody who says things when you pull the string in his back.

A List Of The Best Directors In Hollywood

There is no doubt how one of the crucial members, if not the most important member, of any successful movie is the director. The director is the man or woman with a vision, the person with the master plan. These days, there are so many great directors that are worthy of praise.

Hollywood’s Shelf Hell – Case 39 and I Love You Phillip Morris Coming Out

If you’ve been in this business long enough, everyone knows the story of Case 39 from many friends who have gone through what we call “Shelf Hell”. Case 39 stars Renee Zellweger (remember her?) and Bradley Cooper that started shooting in 2006, wrapped up production in 2007 and was slated to open February 2008 (crappy month for releases) here in the U.S., but it won’t be out until October 1, 2010. Now, neither of the stars are treating this film like the red-headed stepchild. Welcome to Hollywood’s Shelf Hell.