Indiana Jones Is Back To Save Us

Indiana Jones is the latest American hero to come out of retirement, and just in time. He, as all heroes do, will remind us of what is good about us.

Sex, Lies and Videotape – How to Make a Film

In 1989 writer director Steven Soderbergh released Sex Lies and Videotape. At the time, it was a watershed in film making.

Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World – The Colossus Of Rhodes As A Screen Hero

Many of the Italian sword-and-sandal films that came to the world screens in the late 1950s and early 1960s were worthy of negative comments for several reasons. Many of these Italian productions, sometimes shot in Spain, had washed-out images, badly dubbed dialogue, weak special effects, and casts of unknowns — except for American leading men such as Steeve Reeves, Gordon Scott (of Tarzan fame), and the lesser known but often-seen muscle men like Mark Forrest. In the case of THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES we have an out-of-place Rory Calhoun in a supporting role to the huge colossus itself, a formidable icon that actually existed. Unlike Talus in the Ray Harryhausen effects masterpiece, this colossus doesn’t come to life and chase around tiny mortals. However, it does play an important role in this pre-spaghetti western effort by Sergio Leone, and it does bite the dust because of an earthquake — as it did in the ancient Aegean. Worth noting, however, is the quality of this wide-screen epic — the sharp and dense color images that we fail to see except in such big-budget spectacles as BEN-HUR, EL CID, and THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE.

Loyal to Homer – Overlooked Sword and Sandal Film, The Fury Of Achilles

Big screen epics like TROY often garner most of the attention, as do made-for-TV movies like THE ODYSSEY and HELEN OF TROY. Sometimes, we overlook such minor Italian films like THE FURY OF ACHILLES and THE TROJAN HORSE because of the badly dubbed dialogue, washed out colors, cast of barely known actors, and special effects that fail to please the CGI addicts of today. For lovers of mythology and those of us who teach the classics in college or high school, we might find something of value in these ambitious but often obscure melodramas. Worth looking at, therefore, are films like THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES, THE FURY OF ACHILLES, ROME AGAINST ROME, and GOLIATH AND THE BARBARIANS. THE FURY OF ACHILLES, for example, doesn’t have pretty-boy heroes like Brad Pitt, but it does have a storyline that does justice, in its small way, to the original vision of Homer.

Harry Potters Hogwart Express Spotted In Fort William Scotland

Author J.K. Rowling was traveling by train when the inspiration for Harry Potter came to her, and the train motif has carried along throughout her series in the form of the famous Hogwarts Express. What few people realise is that the Hogwarts Express is actually a functioning steam train, running through the Highlands of Scotland as The Jacobite Steam Train.

Disneyland – Secrets, Stories, and Magic

Ever since I have been six years old I have been a life-long lover of Disneyland. It has strong through all these years of my life, which included working at the Disneyland Resort as an Entertainment Costumer. In all that time I have learned a lot of secrets and stories about Disneyland (actually a lot before I worked at the park).

Most Popular Celebrity Transformations After Being on Reality TV

Television shows have changed in the last few years. We still have our sitcoms and dramas, and the occasional movie, but something new has come on the scene lately, and it is giving these other types of shows a real run for their money. I’m talking of course, about reality shows.

Marilyn Monroe – Iconic Bombshell

Marilyn Monroe’s name is spread on the four corners of pop culture as the “original” sex symbol long before Madonna and Kylie Minogue emerge. She is well recognized for her breathless voice, platinum blonde hair and voluptuous figure, a rare formula that drove her into smashing success in films. Although she indulge herself in numerous affairs, scandals and assaults, we still can’t deny her huge impact in the world of entertainment being an A list actress in her own right. Her starting days in Hollywood were a struggle since she bounces to acting and modeling.

Roles of Producers – Lesson Seven, Television Production

Who plays what roles in the make up of a community access television production? Who is really in charge? Does it make a difference what talent a person has? Is a camera operator a photographer or not? What role does the Director play? What do you do when there is a major equipment problem? Is there any such thing as teamwork in community access television? Who if a robotics camera fails during set up or production? These and the answers to many other questions are featured in this latest article about television production. All of these questions the answers we give are related to community access television productions.

The Top 12 of American Idol Reviews

American Idol is at full swing again back with Season 7 and the top 24 are singing trying to get their way into the top 12 and eventually become the next Idol and get that big recording deal. So how good is the talent this year? If you have been watching some of the episodes, you will notice that there is a good mix of younger talent this year which some are only 17 years old.

All Time Great Movies On DVD

Movies have always fascinated people the world over. The classic movies of the 50s and 60s have enthralled viewers with their magnificent scenery, great storylines, and sizzling star castings. These movies have never gone out of style or even out of our minds.

Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

There is a high salary paid to famous actors in a movie. Some of these actors are so popular, that just associating the name of an actor with that movie can make that movie popular as well. In addition, the character of the actor spreads its quality and skill throughout the movie.