What to Know About Renting Movies With Redbox

Many people rent DVD’s to watch with their family each day. Generally this is done at a movie rental place. Recently there is a way of renting movies from a vending machine known as Redbox.

Launching Your Independent Film Online

The traditional film production/distribution/marketing model is dramatically shifting, yet with change comes opportunity. With online marketing, social media and blogging, you now have it in your hands to create a buzz, develop a following and even distribute your film. Work like the independent filmmaker you are, but think like a savvy marketer. Think of the different ways you can create interest; humor, sex, controversy, fright – stuff that blows up – all of that sells. Use it!

Television Shows That Maintain Their Brilliance Through Repeat Viewings

Not all TV shows are created equal. Some shows can only be watched once, while others can be watched many times. The following shows fall into the latter category.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – A Classic Children’s Tale

This movie is based off the book by Roald Dahl. Once there was a child that belonged to a family that was very poor. His mother and father took all four of the grandparents under their wing, which altogether makes seven mouths to feed.

Bruce Almighty – A Comedy of Epic Proportions

Bruce is played by Jim Carey, and is an average person in a big city. He currently is working as a news anchor trying to move his way up. He is left to cover the low profile stories.

Evan Almighty – An Epic Sequel

Steve Carell plays Evan in Evan Almighty who is a congressman with a family. His body begins going through some weird changes. He does his usual morning routine and shaves. He looks back in the mirror and the beard is back. He knows that he cannot go to work like this so he puts on a disguise, which everyone notices.

Five Classic Party Films to Watch on Satellite TV

Whether it’s a frat house or a summer vacation film, the fact is that a great party scene in a movie often means it is destined for the title of “classic.” After all, even those who have never seen “Animal House” have probably witnessed a parody of its timeless toga party scene, while other films that focus on high school graduations and the end of summer often spend more than half of the screen time detailing exciting times that young people happen to be embarking upon.

The Digital Video Revolution – Bringing Out the Auteur in All of Us

Making movies used to be a pursuit available only to film companies and individuals with a lot of financing at their disposal. But with the advent of “digital video”, that has all changed. Now anyone with (or without!) an idea can shoot a movie.

Movies That Will Be Worth Seeing This Year

The summer movie season is finally upon us. This article will discuss the movies that will be worth seeing.

The Film Industry in Vancouver

After living in Vancouver for any period of time, recognizing local landmarks in film and television becomes a simple task. Any Vancouverite will recognize the area around the Vancouver Convention Center masquerading as a European city in the A-Team remake is one example as is Simon Fraser University`s Academic Quadrangle as the Caprica market in the television series Battlestar Galactica. One of Vancouver`s nicknames in Hollywood North.

The Best Movie to Watch – The Notebook

This article is pretty much a review on the wonderful movie, The Notebook. I will also explain why it is great to watch for a date and why every man should give it a chance at least once.

The Karate Kid 2010

The Karate Kid has a lot more kung fu than karate, but it’s based on the original movie from 1984 so the producers decided to keep the name for nostalgia’s sake. Unlike the original, this Karate Kid was shot in China.