Predators – Robert Rodriguez Brings New Life to a Movie Legend

The new Predators movie is a bold step towards getting the Predator franchise back on the right road again. A return to the basics is exactly what fans have been asking for, and Robert Rodriguez is the perfect man for the job.

Television Culture

Television has now been around for nearly eighty years and this means that most of us have been watching television since our childhood. TV has formed has been part of the news we have seen, the jokes we have heard, the culture we have absorbed and the ads that are part of our everyday life.

How to Train Your Dragon, in 3D

After hearing good things about it, I decided to check out the 9:00pm showing (at the Mann Theaters Criterion 6 in Santa Monica) of the new DreamWorks animated feature How To Train Your Dragon…in glorious 3D. I thought it was good…

Watch “Dare” – I Dare You

Based on a short film and featuring some of the same original cast, “Dare” centers on one of those twisted high-school sexual messes, but manages to stave off the to-be-expected nosedive into both unchecked perversity and sheer fluff. And it sidesteps both thanks to some poignant acting by Zach Gilford, Ashley Springer and Emmy Rossum, who form an unlikely trio by linking limbs and giving in to their personal brand of screwed-up mojo. It is a lot to take in for the lily-livered, but even the threesome heavy petting succeeds in catching itself before crossing over into unnecessary lewdness.

Hritik Speaks About His First Singing Experience

Hritik is known as a good actor and good dancer, now he’s all set to prove that he’s a singer too. Hritik has sung a song for upcoming ‘Kites’ which is scheduled for May 21st release. The music is already out and people are raving about the beautiful music and reviews have it that Hritik has done exceedingly well.

Glasses of Leonard

I suppose that a number of us have seen the TV series The Big Bang Theory before. Also I suppose among those who have appreciated the series, most of us would have a deep impression of all the five major characters. Besides Sheldon Cooper, who is really a whole-hearted scientist studying physics, Leonard, Sheldon’s best roommate, might also be liked by a lot of people.

Are Movie Rental Boxes a Passing Fad Or the Future of Home Movie Entertainment?

There have been claims made that movie rental boxes are taking over the home movie entertainment business. Many traditional movie rental businesses are closing up shop, but are these boxes going to replace the movie rental store as we know it? The boxes tend to be more convenient since they are easy to setup in many locations, however the wait times to rent a movie can be long or longer than going to the actual video store.

DVD Duplication is a Simple Process But It’s Best Left to the Professionals Who You Can Find Online

You should effortlessly find DVD duplication specialists on the current market – you simply have to discover where to shop. Have a shop on two or three web stores and look at what you could find. Should you perform a few look ups in Google you will probably be faced with a number of offers and deals that will be worth it.

Clash of the Titans

The original Clash of the Titans came out in 1981 and was directed by Desmond Davis. Here we are on April 2, 2010 and it is coming back, in 3-D nonetheless, and is this time directed by Louis Leterrier.

The Future 3D Television Wave

The first 3D television ad from Samsung appeared a few days ago while I was watching programming on my home theater system. Right now 3 models are available at retailers. Two of them are from Samsung and one from Panasonic. You can expect rivals to introduce their own models in the near future, and prices are sure to fall. So what is the future of 3D television?

Wonder What Happens to Lottery Winners? Watch TLC’s “The Lottery Changed My Life”

Do you ever wonder what happens to lottery winners after they win a big jackpot? Initially, these winners are part of a news conference to announce them as the big winners. They tell their story and explain what they intend to do with their new-found wealth. But then, they fade away from the limelight and most are never heard from again.

How to Make an Indy Film

So what do you do when you have non-professional actors and no budget? You embrace the docudrama/neo-realist film making philosophy. When you cannot afford special effects and fancy cameras, you don’t strain your budget.