Why Movie Downloads

Movie downloads are a way to effectively and economically build a movie library. It also allows flexibility in the selection of movies downloaded.

The Expendables Review

Plot: A group of mercenaries are hired to take out the dictator of a banana republic on a tiny South American island. Everything going boom ensues.

Getting Started As a Film-Maker

If you’re itching to make a movie, and haven’t completed film school, don’t worry. You’re in good company. Film-making is a lot of fun and even if you don’t have much money or a budget, it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing this creative endeavour

My Top Five Favorite Ben Affleck Movies

Ok, so Ben Affleck may not be the best actor in the world. But I think he is well aware of that and has risen above it. Sure, he has made some bad business decisions, like marrying Jennifer Lopez, but he has managed to bounce back and win audiences over again.

My Top Five Favorite Owen Wilson Movies

Owen Wilson is the type of actor who just seems like a really good guy. In his comedies he usually plays a naively hilarious character, who is often unaware of what’s going on, but lovable at the same time. It was incredibly upsetting to hear a while back that he was having emotional issues, because he a tremendous personality.

My Favorite Robin Williams Films Of All Time

One of the undisputed kings of comedy is Robin Williams. It is funny, because in his stand up act, Robin Williams is incredibly dirty, however his movies shape him out to be a more wholesome person. I guess him and Bob Sagat are similar in this respect.

My Top Five Favorite Natalie Portman Movies

In my opinion, one of the most talented actresses working in Hollywood today is Natalie Portman. Ever since she was a young girl, Portman has been starring in excellent movies and has showcased her talent through a variety of genres and types of roles. But which films have been her best?

The Effects of Television on Children – A Summary

Today television has become a very important part of our daily lives, but particularly so in the lives of our children. As we are aware, these days the greater majority of families, in many parts of the world, have (or have access to) this magical screen. Television is a very powerful and effective modern phenomena which can influence the shaping of the future for many generations of children in many parts of the world.

The Greatest Ben Stiller Movies In His Career

There is no doubt that one of the more talented comedic actors out there is Ben Stiller. Over the years, Stiller has struck comedic gold several times, and at this point it seems that any movie he stars in will do very well at the box office. But what have been Ben Stiller’s best films of all time?

Finding A New TV

Do you have a flat screen TV? If not, it’s just a matter of time!

The Greatest Jim Carrey Films Of His Career

There is little doubt that one of the most successful actors of the comedic genre in recent years has been Jim Carrey. Carrey has had a slew of successful funny films, and has developed somewhat of a cult following in the process. Many people have not received Carrey’s transition into more serious films so well, but I think he is a great actor and is not limited to a specific genre.

My Top Five Favorite Ethan Hawke Movies

This article will discuss the movies and career of Ethan Hawke. Hawke is not your traditional Hollywood actor; you don’t really see him showing up in the tabloids, and he does not always pick the most mainstream roles. It is a shame that he doesn’t star in more films, because he is incredibly talented.