The Dark Knight Rises! As We Reach the Finale!

This is my tribute to a great trilogy. I have never seen comic book characters brought to life in such a forceful way. The best Batman series of all time along with being the best superhero series of all time.

Top 4 Zombie Movies/TV Shows of the 21st Century

Zombie Actions have caught up a lot lately. Find out about the top 4 Zombie-related Movies/TV Series of the 21st Century.

From Rancher to Caregiver

Jose Miguel Lopez grew up in the small town of Guachinango, Jalisco, Mexico. He got his first horse at age six. Walking and horseback riding were the only means of transportation on the ranch.

USA Network

The USA network knows how to provide great entertainment. Their success is based on lively shows provide humor and great pairings.

Top 4 Romance Movies of 2011 for Those Who Want to Fall in Love

Recently Broke Up? Haven’t been in a relationship in a while? Check out our list of the top 4 Romance Movies of 2011.

Revealed – The Man In The Alien Costume!

1979 saw the release of one of the most successful sci-fi/horror movies ever made. I am referring, of course, to Ridley Scott’s Alien. The terrifying creature had to be played by someone, but who was the actor who’s job it was to wear that monstrous outfit?

Top 4 Horror TV Series That Will Make You Cry

Love watching horror flicks? Check out our list of the top 4 horror TV series.

Have the Doctor Who Spin-Offs Been Successful?

Doctor Who has been around in many forms of published media for almost fifty years. Originally starting as a television serial in 1963, Doctor Who has gone on to have almost one thousand televised episodes, over two hundred audio adventures and close to four hundred novels and then some. Like anything else of popularity within the world of such a rich universe, Doctor who has also had its fair share of spin-offs.

The Lasting Popularity of Doctor Who

The longevity of a television series these days is maybe four to five seasons. Rarely is it seen that a series last more than five years. Times change and interests change and because of this, loyal television followers will abandon a show if it moves in a direction they are no longer comfortable with or if characters change and they no longer feel connected.

Top 4 Action-Packed TV Shows of the 2000s

The 21st Century has produced some great TV series so far. From classics like LOST to action-packed thrillers like 24. This article has a look at four of my favorite action-packed TV drama series.

My Tribute to Nora

Nora Ephron was an author, director and screenwriter who passed away on June 26th, 2012 after a battle with leukemia. Though you wouldn’t have recognized her if she walked by you on the street, she had a wonderful gift for writing. You may not have read her work but you have probably seen something by her on the big screen or possibly from the comfort of your own home. This is just a sample of her work- which just so happens to include some of my favorite movies.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

Did Spider-man really need to be made re-made so soon? No. Is it an enjoyable summer blockbuster that delivers entertainment and excitement? Yes!