2009 Oscar Movie Picks

With the beginning of the 2009 award show season, the countdown to the Oscars begins. The list of Oscar nominees has been released, and if you and your family want to brush up on your Oscar movies, which ones are worth seeing and which ones should you skip?

Check Out the News on Satellite TV

You could make a valid argument that cable news has transformed the world. Much like the Internet, this medium has given people across the globe immediate access to information. A hundred years ago, news was limited to the info that could be transmitted over telegraph lines, which then had to be reviewed, written up, and printed before mass consumption by the public. Today, thanks to the 24-hour news cycle available on satellite TV, you can keep up to date with events as they occur. No more waiting days to find out what’s happening in far-off lands. Click on your high definition television and you’ll be immersed right away.

British Comedy

British Comedy is unique for its quirky characters, mild to slap-stick plots and clever dialogue. It comes in many guises and forms.

Catch Mark Wahlberg’s Top 5 Movies on Satellite TV

We’re lucky that Marky Mark didn’t stay Marky Mark. If he had, moviegoers the world over would never have had the chance to view his wide resume of first-class films. Mark Wahlberg has graced billboards, magazine covers, the Silver Screen, and mug shots. Wait, what? That’s right, Wahlberg was arrested days before his 21st birthday for robbing a pharmacy under the influence of PCP. Luckily, he served only 45 days before being released to begin his budding career. Here are Mark Wahlberg’s top 5 movies, all available on satellite TV.

Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies on Satellite TV

Arnold Schwarzenegger represents everything American, which is especially impressive for someone who didn’t reach the States until after his 20th birthday. Schwarzenegger is larger than life, in more ways than one, and he’s the ultimate manifestation of the American dream. Leaving Austria early in the 1960s, he traveled to California almost on a whim, with the dream of making it big in America as a bodybuilder. From this somewhat humble start, he’s blossomed into one of Hollywood’s biggest stars (not to mention his ascendancy to the governorship of California). Here are our favorite Arnold movies, in no particular order. Take note, however: all of these movies are to be viewed only in high definition, with sound blasting from a decent stereo system. Any less would be an insult to the Governator.

Everything’s on Your TV Now

There is something for everyone on TV, and lots of ways to enjoy the show with today’s home theater equipment and large-format screens. And the TV schedule is no longer an impediment to seeing a show that comes on, say, while you are getting ready to work the late shift. With digital video recorders (DVRs) as low as $59 or so, folks can afford to break loose from the TV schedule by recording the programs they would normally miss.

Will Movie Theaters Survive the New Entertainment Tech?

Nowadays, people go to the theaters only for the newest releases, and bring the movies home the rest of the time. Some people don’t go to theaters at all, as there is a brisk trade in pirated films on the Internet, featuring studio “screener” DVDs, digital copies of same and low-quality camcorder movies of the film being shown in a theater. It’s hard to measure these changes, and the movie industry is still making big bucks from ticket buyers. But there is a growing sense that, within a generation perhaps, home TV screens will grow large enough to satisfy a majority of viewers.

Don’t Miss Hollywood’s Top 5 Directors on Satellite TV

Unless you’re a serious cinemaholic, you probably don’t stay through the end of the credit roll. There are hundreds of people involved in the production of a major Hollywood feature film, and millions of dollars budgeted across a wide spectrum of responsibilities.

Memorable Film Speeches on Satellite TV

Some films have great actors. Others have impressive soundtracks. While still others stick in your mind for their impeccable cinematography. And then there are the great speeches. Occasionally, you’ll find a film that just knocks your socks off with their verbal virtuosity. The characters, at wits end, dying, or simply just trying to make a point are given brilliant, gem-like dialogues that make you want to grab a pen and write it all down.

The Top Ten Best Fantasy Adventure Movies

We all love a good Fantasy film now and then. Here is a list of the top ten in the genre. You can catch most of these movies on satellite TV.

Travel Channel – The World at Your Fingertips Through Satellite TV

Travelling the world is something most everyone dreams about. Distant, far off exotic locations, tropical paradises, obscure villages in Borneo, fantastic glaciers in Patagonia, Norwegian fjords, Balinese beaches and South American pampas are just some of the alluring destinations that dazzle our minds. However, the economy being what it is, and the fact that travel has never really been that cheap, many of us are left standing idly by the sidelines.

Changing Family Life on Satellite TV – From Beaver to Malcolm

If television is a mirror of life, than family television is a mirror of family life. Undoubtedly, family life has changed a great deal in the past century. Women gained the right to vote and started working more outside the home and pursued more education. Children under 18 became a powerful consumer group, attracting the intense efforts of marketing campaigns. In some ways they became more independent, driving their own cars and talking on their own cell phones, though they still played sports and went to the prom.