Elvis Presley DVDs – Many Are From Old 8mm Films

This is a compilation set of works that include 15 different performances from 1956 to 1973. Included are TV Specials and appearances along with movie outtakes and concert footage.

Where TV Misses on Document Recovery

Do you believe everything you see on your favorite cop show? How much of the forensic processing done on CSI do you think is real? This article discusses some places where shows like CSI get document restoration and disaster recovery processes right, and where they are wrong.

Good Old Movies

There are many old movies like: “The Girl can’t help it”, “Please not now (with Brigitte Bardot)”, “Gone with the Wind”, “Somebody likes it hot” and etc. Old movies make us laugh and cry and they teach us life values. Women like to watch romantic old movies about love and relationships. If you plan to spend a romantic evening with your second half then the best decision is to spend it, watching a good old movie.

Old Movies and Kids

Internet is full of great old movies. Just choose the liked online website and find a necessary old movie. There are websites which offer free services and there are websites which ask payment for their services.

Old Movies Forever!

Some people say that this type of a rest makes them happy and they have a nice mood after they have watched a nice film. Old movies take a special place in hearts of many people. All these people name the same reason, these films take them to their back and they entertain them. Also, many people consider nowadays movies not interesting and cruel.

Celebrating Streep at Sixty

This week, our most distinguished screen actress turns sixty, and looking back on her legacy, we find one of those rare, happy stories of a person with blazing talent setting a high but worthy goal for herself, and fulfilling it. With the start of her film career and eventual stardom all occurring during my pivotal college years, the work of actress Meryl Streep is so embedded in my consciousness that it feels as if I should measure my own milestones by hers.

An Angel Leaves a Legacy, Farrah Fawcett Succumbs to Cancer

Farrah Fawcet, the blond-maned actress of “Charlie’s Angels” fame has died of colon cancer at age 62. During her career, she graced the cover of numerous magazines and became one of the most famous faces in the world.

Never Lose Your Favorite Movies With a Movie Collection Organizer

Even the most organized person can have troubles keeping up with the movies they own. Since the DVD packages are so thin and many of them end up getting lost or housing different DVDs, it seems that it’s nearly impossible to keep them organized.

Great Cartoons Make Great Toys

There’s a sense in which some imagination may be lost with television, sure. I’m willing to buy that argument – or at least part of it. However, there’s another side to that argument that supporters of this theory may not be seeing, and that is the concept of toys deriving from said television shows.

FOOD, INC For Thought!

Hungry for Change? Learn how you can fight back.

Sci Fi is Here to Stay

Not all sci fi films are the same, in the same way as not all war films are the same and not all romantic films are the same. This is one of the reasons why there are so many people who call themselves sci fi fans. Science fiction covers such a wide range of emotions and ideas that there is something for everyone in many of the films that are billed as being Sci Fi.

Reality Shows – Why Are They So Popular?

It seems anyone can get a reality show if there is something that sets them apart. Suddenly it’s okay to bring cameras into people’s lives and follow them in their daily activities. What makes these shows so popular? Why did over three million people tune in the other night to see the final episode of “Jon and Kate Plus 8?” Could it be the voyeur in all of us that needs to see what goes on beneath the surface of everyone’s life?