Ricky Gervais Hits Hollywood

Ricky Gervais is one of my favourite comedians but I don’t know if he has stepped a little over his own boundaries. Of course I am only speaking for myself when I say that Hollywood might be a little big to chew for the comedian. His work on the show, ‘Extras’ was incredible. He bought something 100% new to the screen and it was enjoyed by many people.

Nip Tuck Season 4 Review

Fans of Nip Tuck who experienced the exciting climax of season three waited on the edge of their seats for the beginning of season four. And this season of Nip Tuck does not disappoint. The season opens with the booming business of McNamara Troy and takes it from there.

Dancing With the Stars 2 Results

Building upon the success of season one of Dancing with the Stars was something that sent audiences into overdrive. Pulling the total number of competing couples up to 10, rather than just the six that season one offered was one of the largest changes. However, it certainly was not the only change for the show, which allowed it to reach a wider base of viewers.

Meet Your Meat – YouTube Video

Recently I watched a very disturbing video on YouTube called “Meet Your Meat”. This video is a graphic documentary about the animals that we derive our meat from and how they are treated before slaughter. What I saw sickened me!

Million Dollar Listing TV Show

Information about Million Dollar Listing on Bravo Network. Homes for sale and Real Estate Agents.

Why People React Differently to Scary Movies

If you like scary movies, you are probably one of those people that enjoys letting out a good scream at the theater. But have you ever wondered why some people are laughing at the most climatic moments? The answer will probably surprise you.

Film Review – Hero

For an epic martial arts movie, Yimou Zang’s Hero is surprisingly short. But despite clocking in at just 95 minutes, the film achieves a grandness of scale and a poetic visual beauty that many films twice it’s length fail to match. Set two thousand years ago in ancient China during a time of disparate warring kingdoms, the plot follows the nameless hero of the title as he is summoned by the king to relay his account of how defeated the ruler’s three most feared would-be assassins.

(Mis)representations of Mental Illness in Film

Mental illness as depicted in the cinema is rarely reflective of reality. Who wants to pay a fiver to watch the drudging melancholy of depression, the incoherent confusion of schizophrenia, or the sad isolation of an anxiety disorder?

Film Review – All About Darfur

Taghreed Elsanhouri’s first feature length documentary, All About Darfur, serves as an intimate portrait of ordinary Sudanese people whose lives have been affected by the decades long civil war and the current crisis in the Darfur region of the country. Rather than repeat the same harrowing images of humanitarian catastrophe as shown in the western media, Elsanhouri’s film brings a close focus on the opinion and experience of the individual, and on the conflicting views of Sudan’s splintered culture.

Film Review – The Elephant King

Seth Grossman’ s debut feature film combines sumptuous visuals with a gritty young-American-travels–to-east-Asia-to-find-himself narrative. Set in Thailand, The Elephant King is both beautifully shot and precisely executed.

Film Review – Hot Fuzz

When top London cop Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is transferred to a sleepy village by his jealous superiors, he fears life is about to get very boring. Things go from bad to worse when he is partnered with bumbling yet eager Constable Danny Butterman (Nick Frost). However, when mysterious accidents start to occur, Sergeant Angel discovers that Sandford is not as pleasant and innocent as it seems…

Getting on TV – Top Tips to Get Your Foot in the Door

Millions of people think they’d like to be on TV. Here are just a few tips from a seasoned TV professional on how you to get started down this path – if you’re really serious.