Lina Leandersson – The Hypnotic Vampire

Two days ago I watched this awesome movie. It’s a classic, romantic, horror flick which leaves a thorough impression in your mind.The sleepy snow-filled town of Stockholm is projected like a dream…

Gothic Clothing in the World of Film

Many films of the vampire genre feature similar Gothic clothing styles. This article looks at three.

Watch the Best of Tom Hanks on Satellite TV

Tom Hanks is an all American actor, beloved by everyone it seems. He has a knack for playing a diverse set of roles. He started out as a comedic actor, taking roles in TV shows such as Bosom Buddies, and Make Me Laugh. Later on, Hanks moved on to romantic comedies like Sleepless in Seattle and then to more dramatic fare such as Philadelphia. Today, Hanks ranks as one of the top earning actors in the States with box office totals exceeding a whopping $3.3 billion. Hanks has starred in quite a few movies so you’re bound to catch him on any number of satellite TV channels.

A New Series For PBS Fans in HD – Wallander

Scandinavia is known for being something of a cold, somewhat gloomy and aloof place, with vast outdoors that stretch beyond the horizon. During the summer solstice, with the looming of the midnight sun, people seem to act a little awry, as this exaggered, high definition summer, gets to their heads. In the new PBS series Wallander, we follow the comings and goings of one Swedish police office, after whom the Masterpiece Mystery HD series is named. Wallander is played by the famous English actor Kenneth Branaugh, whom you can watch in any number of movies playing on satellite TV on any given night (he’s been in quite a few different productions, among them Woody Allen movie, and several takes on Shakespeare’s classics). Wallander sports a look worthy of not a famous Shakespearean actor, but rather of someone down on his luck. He’s got a puffy, swollen visage, and a physique that has nothing to do with a football player you’d find on the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Growing Young Minds

There are a lot of different things that influence a child’s mind. Parents play a huge role in the formation of their child’s mind, but they must also recognize that other people and sources play a part as well. Teachers and peers exercise a degree of influence over a child’s mind, as does the popular culture that surrounds them. Some people preach about the evils of television and the detrimental effects it can have on maturing minds. What these people fail to see is the abundant education potential that things like satellite tv have. With the proper guidance and parameters set by parents, their children stand to gain a fair amount of knowledge by simply watching television.

Brightening the Mood

Having a bad day is an inevitable part of life. Whether it is because of a mean boss, bad traffic, or a string of unfortunate events, some days just turn out worse than others. The worst part about these awful days is that they can put a person in a bad funk for the rest of the day, and maybe week. A foul mood is a terrible state to be in and makes for not very enjoyable company for other people, so it is important to try and lighten a dismal day as much as possible. Luckily, the wide range of channels that a person can receive with satellite tv means that there will almost always be a show on that can tickle a person’s funny bone, no matter how down in the dumps they are.

Blood Pumping Excitement

Everyone needs a little excitement in their life but it can be a little difficult to track down sometimes. Fortunately, satellite tv has so many channels it is quite easy for viewers to find something that will get their blood going in a good way. From action to drama, there are hundreds of television programs out there that are looking to get audiences amped up right in their own living room. Infusing a little excitement into life does not always require jumping out of an airplane or being whipped around by a roller coaster, sometimes all a person needs is a remote control and a television.

Something For Everyone on Reality TV

Whether you love it, hate it, or love to hate it, you probably find yourself absorbed in a reality television show from time to time. Every week, college kids gather together in front of HD televisions to catch the most recent episode of Project Runway, children and young teens send text messages to vote for their favorite contestant on American Idol, and families tune in to see who will be eliminated next on The Amazing Race. The truth about reality TV is that there really is something for everyone-programming has come a long way from just the classic “true story… of seven strangers… picked to live in a house, work together, and have their lives taped”-there are reality shows for adventure junkies, food lovers, fashion connoisseurs, sports fanatics, and just about everyone in between.

Why Do We Still Love the Real World?

From the perspective of the population at large, reality television first came on to the scene in the early 1990s with shows such as MTV’s The Real World. This show, which placed seven individuals in a house together with a camera crew to record each and every moment, quickly became a hit and is still popular today. What is it about this show that keeps people tuning in via cable and satellite TV season after season?

Learning to Cook, Right From the Comfort of Your Couch

These days, as many people try to juggle work, family, and hundreds of other obligations, it sometimes feels impossible to devote time to things we enjoy and want to make a bigger part of our lives. Many of us have always wanted to travel, take an art class, do yoga, improve a second language, or learn to cook. Unfortunately, between carpools to school and sports practice, working to put food on the table and pay the bills, and countless other time-consuming tasks that pop up on a never-ending basis, there never seems to be time in the day to squeeze in that photography lesson or Spanish class.

High Impact Office Furniture in the World of Film

The cinematic qualities of home and office furniture in the movies is often overlooked. But the truth is that imposing tables, eye-catching desks and high octane seating of all kinds have become the silent movie stars in decades of film. Be it a film noir thriller or a gentle romance – these laminated, varnished or lacquered actors lurk in the background of some of the greatest movie moments ever. Some might say they are a little wooden, their demeanor a tad tinny, that the director just wheels them on and they just sit there. But the truth is that although they may not be the finest character actors, office furniture of all kinds has added a certain finesse to some of the world’s finest flicks.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Episode 6 Review – Dollar is Money, Wilks the Dentist, Bisping Tired?

On this episode of The Ultimate Fighter, we find out why Bisping was a no show for Amasingers fight, Dollar finds his fighting spirit, and Wilks has a part time job as a dentist. The episode starts off with Bisping picking Martin Stapleton to fight Cameron Dollar in the lightweight division. Dollar seems less than enthused about the idea of fighting a British Marine.